Community Hope Center

Since March 15, the Community Hope Center has served 8532 heartbeats, 2831 people visited service center, and 2505 households received food assistance with reduced operation hours. In June, the Hope Center began reopening the 192 facility on M-Tu-Th for 3-4 hours each day.

They are accepting financial gifts as well as food and personal care items. Also, needed items may be ordered directly through Amazon Smile for delivery to the center here.

Their greatest need at this time is for flexible rental assistance dollars that can be utilized to pay rent and utilities to keep families from becoming homeless.

  • $50 can cover a rental application fee for a family to move into permanent housing
  • $100 can provide 100 nutritious meals for families in need
  • $150 can provide 20 bus passes
  • $500 can provide a new home move-in kit for one family
  • $1000 can provide identification services for 4 individuals
  • $5000 can move one family from a hotel to a permanent home. The $5000 gift could include security deposit, first month’s rent, utility deposit, any applicable rental application fees and a new home kit (bedding, linens, crockpot, small appliances, pots & pans, utensils, etc.)

Contribute Online by going directly to the Giving page here. Volunteer opportunities available here



Founded by Paul and Debbie Scott-Robinson, this amazing ministry not only provides food, shelter and education, but also offers a loving, caring, nurturing environment for children in need.

The Kenya mission’s greatest need is for 45 more sponsors for the 2021 school intake. The second highest need is for funds to finish the Celebration High School building.

  • $50 could feed 5 children on the feeding program for a month
  • $100 would pay for 10 students to receive a raincoat each
  • $1000 could sponsor 2 students for a year or 1 student for 2 years at Celebration High School (CHS)
  • $1000 will equip the library/training room with shelves, books, white board and t v
  • $1200 will buy 30 desks and chairs for the new intake (the furnishings are locally made)
  • $3000 will equip the computer room at CHS with 20 computers
  • $5000 would build half of the new worship center planned for the 3rd floor of CHS.

This is the latest update from Paul and Debbie in May 2020:

Thank you to all who’ve expressed concern for our orphans in Utange. I’m sorry to report the Kenyan authorities have temporarily stopped the feeding programme due to COVID-19. 500 is too large a number to gather at this time. A tragedy as it’s the only food most of the children receive each week. We’re trying desperately to get around to as many mud huts as possible to deliver maize flour to alleviate the hunger. Dodging the police who are stationed throughout the village with big sticks beating anyone who shouldn’t be outside is a challenge. However House Dad Festus is doing his best to get through and the girls above were two of the lucky recipients on Saturday.

Our college students and boarders are all back at Casuarina safe and sound, apart from Angelina who is stuck in Nairobi. She couldn’t get home before lock down.

The picture shows the children doing what they love best, singing! They were performing at a church in Mtwapa before the stay at home order. For now they can only sing and dance at Casuarina but we’re just grateful they’re all healthy and home together!

Celebration High School is currently closed. The students are pictured here at their final assembly before lock down. Unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of teaching the students online as none have laptops or electricity in their mud hut homes. They’re itching to get back to school. The Kenyan government announced last week that schools would re-open at the end of May as long as coronavirus cases don’t escalate. So we will see.

We’re endeavouring to continue to pay our teachers and staff. They have families to feed and there is no aid from the government to claim. We’re persevering to assist the orphans and disadvantaged in our care but as usual it seems the poor suffer the most. Raising funds and sponsors at this time is proving extremely difficult. I pray my July newsletter will bring better news. Like the rest of the world we are finding this temporary “new normal” very challenging. 

The good news is Celebration Health Care is still open as it’s a public service. Our staff are working hard to assist the sick in the community. Our recent free medical camp saw over 500 from the village treated for physical and emotional conditions.


International Christian Development Mission (ICDM)

Located in Bayonnais, this organization provides school for children, medical clinic, food and clothing plus training for adults. For more information, visit:

The Haiti Mission’s greatest needs at this time are for the medical clinic and the feeding program.

  • $400/month feeds the entire school (800 students)
  • $100/month donation buys $200 worth of life-saving medicines/medical supplies
  • $500/month covers the salary for a Nurse for a month
  • $1000/month pays the salary for one of the 2 Doctors
  • $3000/month helps cover basic Clinic costs to save lives

This is an update from  Reverend Yvan Pierre in May 2020 regarding COVID-19:

“The ministries of ICDM in Haiti are ongoing. From March 20, we have closed the schools at the government request because of the COVID 19. Our medical clinic remains open and is engaged in prevention against the pandemic, and providing care to the community.  The senior program, feeding program and other ministries are functioning. School may resume next month. Thank you so much for your continued partnership with ICDM in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Contact our Missions Elder Carol Carbrey for more information and upcoming missions trips.