(Formally the Community Hope Center)


Hope Partnership

In 2011, Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration recognized a growing number of families and children experiencing poverty and living in hotels and motels along Highway 192. They knew the faith community had a role to play, and the idea of Community Hope Center was born. ‍

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Kenya, Africa

Rene and Jennifer meet for the first time!

Founded by Paul Robinson and Debbie Scott-Robinson, this amazing ministry not only provides food, shelter and education, but also offers a loving, caring, nurturing environment for children in need. The Kenya mission’s greatest need is for 60 student sponsors each year for school intake.

Could you sponsor a student for just $42/month? ($500 per year)

Fees cover the following:
Education, 2 sets of uniforms, shoes, workbooks, stationery & lunch.

Sadly, for a lot of the students their school lunch is the only meal they receive each day. Students are at Celebration High School (CHS) for 4 years.

It’s very rewarding to be a part of shaping a child’s future. In return CHS will contact you 3 times per year: Easter, Summer and Christmas by email with a letter and report for your student. You will also be given an email address should you wish to send letters of encouragement via the CHS secretary. We also run a 2 week sponsor trip each year so you can actually meet your student!


Paul & Debbie

Kenya Programs


Utange Orphanage – Casuarina House

For the story of how Casuarina House was founded for orphans and disadvantaged children in Utange, Kenya, please go here to see a video of their story .

Feed 500

There are 500 starving orphans in the villiage of Utange. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we’re able to offer some nurture by feeding the little ones each week.  Click on this link for a short video of the feeding program.


Celebration High School (CHS)
Opened January 2021. 70 orphans and disadvantaged children walked through our doors, so grateful to their sponsors for giving them hope for a brighter future.


Celebration Health Care

With the help of generous supporters we are able to extend our nurture with professionals available to treat the many psychological and medical issues the orphans and disadvantaged face.  The services of Celebration Health Care are also available to the wider community offering Family Planning, HIV testing, Counselling, Blood Tests, Cervical cancer screening and treatment of minor ailments.

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Haiti, ICDM

International Christian Development Mission (ICDM)

Located in Bayonnais, this organization provides school for children, medical clinic, food and clothing plus training for adults.

                                                         Haiti (ICDM) Programs
For the past 30 years International Christian Development Mission has served the people of Bayonnais, Haiti by:
  • Educating and feeding 800 children per week.
  • Providing free medical care to the community.
  • Offering services and community to senior citizens.
  • Building houses for the most vulnerable residents.
  • Teaching entrepreneurship to local businesspeople.
  • Educating pastors/community development workers throughout Haiti to build a better future for the entire country.
All of these activities make a profound difference in the lives of individuals, in the future of Haiti, and in the eternity of many, many people. You can be part of making a difference by partnering with us in prayer and in donating to our ministry. Find out the various ways you can make an impact by visiting us at https://icdm.us/.
Contact our Missions Elder Carol Carbrey for more information and upcoming missions trips. 

MIR Ministries - Ukraine Emergency Relief

Mir Ministries is a US 501c3 Charitable organization serving to bring the light of Jesus to the Russian speaking world. The MIR Emergency Fund has expanded to serve evacuations, and friends in Ukraine who’ve decide to stay and serve the vulnerable population. They are currently serving both the assistance of logistical supplies INTO Ukraine, and Refugees OUT to neighboring countries, primarily now in Central Romania where their team is now serving to provide relief in the Refugee effort.

Stay up to date on MIR’s efforts in Ukraine HERE

We encourage you to help the Ukrainian people in their time of greatest need.

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United Abolitionists

At United Abolitionists, we are a network of first responders to the national human trafficking crisis.

United Abolitionists (UA) is a leading agency in the U.S. connecting all organizations and resources necessary to educate, prevent, rescue and rehabilitate in the fight against modern-day slavery and exploitation.

Join our fight to stop the cycle of exploitation, abuse, and human trafficking as we work to rebuild lives and prevent this crime from continuing.

Together, we will win this war on human dignity.

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“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..”

Matthew 28:19