Kenya Mission

Rene and Jennifer meet for the first time!

Founded by Paul Robinson and Debbie Scott-Robinson, this amazing ministry not only provides food, shelter and education, but also offers a loving, caring, nurturing environment for children in need. The Kenya mission’s greatest need is for 60 student sponsors each year for school intake.

Could you sponsor a student for just $42/month? ($500 per year)

Fees cover the following:
Education, 2 sets of uniforms, shoes, workbooks, stationery & lunch.

Sadly, for a lot of the students their school lunch is the only meal they receive each day. Students are at Celebration High School (CHS) for 4 years.

It’s very rewarding to be a part of shaping a child’s future. In return CHS will contact you 3 times per year: Easter, Summer and Christmas by email with a letter and report for your student. You will also be given an email address should you wish to send letters of encouragement via the CHS secretary. We also run a 2 week sponsor trip each year so you can actually meet your student!


Paul & Debbie

Kenya Programs

Utange Orphanage – Casuarina House

For the story of how Casuarina House was founded for orphans and disadvantaged children in Utange, Kenya, please go here to see a video of their story .

Feed 500

There are 500 starving orphans in the villiage of Utange. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we’re able to offer some nurture by feeding the little ones each week.  Click on this link for a short video of the feeding program.


Celebration High School (CHS)
Opened January 2019. 70 orphans and disadvantaged children walked through our doors, so grateful to their sponsors for giving them hope for a brighter future.


Celebration Health Care

With the help of generous supporters we are able to extend our nurture with professionals available to treat the many psychological and medical issues the orphans and disadvantaged face.  The services of Celebration Health Care are also available to the wider community offering Family Planning, HIV testing, Counselling, Blood Tests, Cervical cancer screening and treatment of minor ailments.

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More exciting news about God on the move!

There were 12 sponsored students who graduated from the newly developed 1 year Bible College in 2023 and successfully traveled to spread the Good News to others in Uganda! Donations have provided for replacement of the original outdoor charcoal fire pot and dirt seating  areas with building an indoor kitchen and dining area for CHS  staff and students. Plans for the future include developing a trade school for teaching  and equipping students with useful skills for further success.

Church Dog

Church Dog Ministries is a Federal 501c3 (EIN #87-2760733) with a mission to introduce children to Jesus through building a franchise of faith-based books, media and associated resources. We’re honored to have a distinct role in building God’s kingdom, and excited to be an official mission of CPC. Church Dog is a natural partner for our Church Missions and pray that you’ll be a part of this great initiative to touch the lives of children all over the world.

Ties to the Church

The Church Dog ministry has its roots in Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration. The inspiration for Church Dog came from a real Maltese puppy named K’noot, who regularly attended services at CommPres, and affectionately became known to the congregation as the Church Dog. The Covid-19 pandemic stopped him from attending services, but his stories have made their way into the homes and hearts of children and families throughout the community, the nation and now expanding around the world.

  The Books

Church Dog is a puppy sent from Heaven to teach children about God’s unconditional love. He has supernatural eyes that allow him to see people through the eyes of Jesus, not the way the world sees or judges them. Church Dog’s special mission is to show children that they have an identity and purpose as a precious child of the King of Kings. Each story uses biblical foundations to teach moral lessons about real life issues that children face. The books are perfect for igniting conversations around subjects like bullying, grief, prejudice, forgiveness, fear and fighting temptation. Equally important is stressing the power of being kind, compassionate, inclusive, giving, standing up for one another and having self-esteem. Our stories bring Jesus into every issue a child faces.

Plush Toys

We understand that stuffed animals are often the first friends a child has. This special relationship has a significant impact on a child’s development, helping with socialization, feeling safe and comforted, and fostering creativity and imagination. What a wonderful opportunity to introduce Jesus into this early development process. Church Dog plushies are a fantastic way for children to realize that Jesus is always with us. Holding tight to these adorable characters are a source of comfort when children need courage, need to pray, or talk with Jesus about anything. It lets children know they have a best friend named Jesus that loves and cares about them.


Life Sized Character

Living in the town that Disney built we have all seen firsthand what can happen when a beloved story character pops off the page or screen and shows up in person to deliver a message. You have the kids’ FULL attention. So, our team created a life-sized Church Dog we can take to hospitals, schools, libraries, and special events. We have seen him draw attention wherever he goes and engage kids in a way that no one else can. Audiences young and old have fun with Church Dog and we see this investment as an excellent opportunity to spread joy and bring the word of God wherever we take him. He has even opened the door to get our message into public schools. While they love the big, fluffy white dog, he brings the message of Jesus with him. God uses all things to overcome barriers and advance His Kingdom.


Programs in Development for 2023/2024

While we have come a long way in spreading the world of Jesus, there are many exciting projects in development

that can advance this ministry and allow us to reach more children. Here are a few things in the Church Dog pipeline:

  • Children’s Prayer Book
  • Plush Prayer Blanket
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Online Educational Programs & Curriculum
  • Books translated in other languages to reach more children
  • Library Program


The Need

It has been an amazing journey watching God open doors and grow the Church Dog ministry in just a few short years. We now have nine books in the Church Dog Adventure series, with our 10th being released this Fall. The books have been globally recognized for establishing a benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services. Church Dog has won a total of ten prestigious literary awards and was recently endorsed by the American Library Association- the oldest and largest library association in the world. While recently attending the Next Generation Indie Book Award Ceremony in Chicago, the series tied for most awards of the night and was identified as books that will influence the next generation of children. Our mission has legs, and the opportunities to reach millions of children around the world is real.

In a world that has become openly hostile to the ways of God, children are being reached from every angle by political parties, other faiths, secularism, corporations and a myriad of other causes. We must take up a new battle cry and be intentional in introducing the children of the world to Jesus Christ. We have lost the help of our government, our schools, our social norms and media. It is up to our churches and mission teams to take this responsibility seriously. Children need to know the truth of Jesus’ promises over their lives and identity, to experience a personal relationship with Him and to be equipped to follow Him throughout their lives. We believe with your help we can achieve this mission and take the Church Dog ministry to an entirely new level. We invite you to explore more in depth information on our website:

Haiti (ICDM) Programs

For the past 30 years International Christian Development Mission has served the people of Bayonnais, Haiti by:
  • Educating and feeding 800 children per week.
  • Providing free medical care to the community.
  • Offering services and community to senior citizens.
  • Building houses for the most vulnerable residents.
  • Teaching entrepreneurship to local businesspeople.
  • Educating pastors/community development workers throughout Haiti to build a better future for the entire country.
All of these activities make a profound difference in the lives of individuals, in the future of Haiti, and in the eternity of many, many people. You can be part of making a difference by partnering with us in prayer and in donating to our ministry. Find out the various ways you can make an impact by visiting us at
Contact our Missions Elder Carol Carbrey for more information and upcoming missions trips. 

(Formally the Community Hope Center)

Hope Partnership

In 2011, Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration recognized a growing number of families and children experiencing poverty and living in hotels and motels along Highway 192. They knew the faith community had a role to play, and the idea of Community Hope Center was born. ‍

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United Abolitionists

At United Abolitionists, we are a network of first responders to the national human trafficking crisis.

United Abolitionists (UA) is a leading agency in the U.S. connecting all organizations and resources necessary to educate, prevent, rescue and rehabilitate in the fight against modern-day slavery and exploitation.

Join our fight to stop the cycle of exploitation, abuse, and human trafficking as we work to rebuild lives and prevent this crime from continuing.

Together, we will win this war on human dignity.

Contact our for more info


“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..”

Matthew 28:19

Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Celebration High School, Celebration FL

We are a community working to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. www.FCA.ORG

RELIANT partners was born in 1989 with missional churches and Gospel-centered ministries to mobilize support-based workers for the Great Commissionwww.Reliant.Org

Gleaning is mentioned several times in the Bible and is an act of love that endures today.  According to the Society of St. Andrew’s website Gleaners are the most active “hands and feet” of their mission. The Society’s website states, “The mission to end hunger is critical. More than 40 million people in the United States today are hungry or food insecure. And yet, in this country, we will throw away over 133 billion pounds of good food this year. As a people of faith, it is time for us to take action—to say that this situation is unacceptable, and we will do something about it.” This mission fits in line with the PC(USA) Matthew 25 initiative. 

The Amazing Journey of a Shoebox Gift Begins with You and Results in Evangelism, Discipleship, and Multiplication. (

H.O.M.E.: Helping Others Make the Effort
Kissimmee, FL 34741 407-932-0413

Helping Others Make the Effort (HOME) is working to break the cycle of homelessness by providing bridge housing and supportive services to homeless single women with children. HOME offers several program options, depending on the individual family’s need and housing urgency. Services include outreach, intake, referrals, and case management.