Project Description

Join us on Sundays at 9:30 AM in the St. Andrew Room:

April 23

We will conclude our Max Lucado study: He Chose the Nails

April 30

Photo Presentation of the CommPres Visit to Israel

Take a journey through the Holy Land with guest speakers, Cam and Gina McKercher. They will share a photo presentation along with stories and biblical insight from the recent group trip to Israel.

May 7 – June 4

The Mission of Jesus by Ray Vander Laan

In the region of Galilee, Jesus revealed the power of God’s Kingdom and His role as King. The “good news” of His shalom sent ripples through Israel, stirring the hearts of new followers and challenging the rule of an empire. This study guides viewers on Jesus’ path through Israel – while exploring the rule of ancient Rome – and reveals how God brought triumph in a world of chaos. Come learn how to bring God’s shalom to the chaos of others.