Bless Anonymous, August 27, 2023 - 6:56 pm

I have a prayer request I’m asking for agreement in prayer with, please: PLEASE PRAY GOD POUR OUT HIS HOLY SPIRIT ON US AND JESUS DELIVER US FROM WHAT IS THREATENING US RIGHT NOW! Pray it be NOTHING in Jesus name. Pray God come quickly to heal me and set me free and that my mom and me not be sad or scared – the enemy is attacking my health but God says it is my enemies who will stumble and fall. Pray God’s will be done! Pray no more burdens be added to us and that heavy burdens be lifted off us by God in Jesus name. Pray for fervent prayers in alignment with the will of God! Pray sickness and infirmity be cast out completely and replaced with excellent health and strength. Pray for the mind of Christ and against the confusion and lies of the enemy. Pray God rebuke the thief and devourer out of our lives and fulfill every promise he has made to us. God's will and purposes for me and my family be fulfilled and not the enemy's. Pray God bless me and my mom and keep us from all hard testing and from the final test in Jesus name. Pray God teach me how to cast out sickness and disease – give me faith for that and to stand in His power – and shut the door on the enemy in Jesus name. Pray God keep us from seeing corruption in Jesus name. Pray for God’s favor and protection over us and for the GREAT mercy and grace God wants for us both in Jesus name.