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Project Description

No Sunday School on Dec 23 & 30. 
Back in session Jan 6!

Fun and interactive lessons every Sunday with an awesome and very full Teaching Team!
o PreK 3&4 – Deanna Baker and Angela Wydra
o K/1st grade –Barbara Kubala and Stacey Hood
o Children’s Church [2nd- 5th grade] – Eric & Cherie Clark, Jessie Fiffick and JoAnn Tennant
o Youth Volunteers –Hanna Van Oss, Victoria Berube and Matthew Blackwood
Kids are invited to share the rich stories of the Bible in fun and interactive ways each and every Sunday! Special events through the year move S.S. beyond the walls of the classroom. Come “Share the Story” with us!

-9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
-PreK 3 thru 5th grade
-Parent drop-off/pick-up required
-Please use the online registration form to register your child now!

Registration Form

For more information, contact, Director of Children’s Ministry.

Children’s Sabbath 2018 was an AMAZING celebration of your children sharing their growing faith with their church family.  God was honored with a wonderful blend of energy, humor, and reverence on this very special day.  From the PreK Video Tots, to the K/1st grade and Children’s Church Singers, to the 2nd grade Greeters, to the 3rd Grade Offering Team, to the 4th/5th Grade Video Kids and the 5th Grade Speakers & Techies . . . all was shared by your children with excellence and all was to the glory of God.


It’s A Wrap!

A special thank you goes out to our Worship Arts Director, Kristin Tucker, and our “Tech Guys,” Clark Tucker, Ben Passmore, and Carter Wanzek.  Their assistance with sound, screen, the Saturday rehearsal, and well – everything! – was very much appreciated.  And, of course, a great big thank you to Josh Kodosky and Otto Bruestlen from the Youth Praise Band.  Their presence, their devotion, and their music made the morning complete as they demonstrated strong “teen” faith for the children.  

Much gratitude to the Sunday Usher Team, Judy Gregg and Dave Tennant, who “herded our 2nd and 3rd grade cats” with joy as they do every year.  It’s a job that could go in any direction . . . and it usually does!  But that’s what makes the day even more special.

Many thanks to Pastor Bill for bringing ALL of our kids up to share in the blessing.  It just doesn’t get any more powerful than that . . .

Let’s not forget our awesome Super S.S. Teaching Team – Deanna Baker, Angela Wydra, Barbara Kubala, Stacey Hood, Eric & Cherie Clark, Jessie Fiffick, and Beth McAulay – who “Share the Story” with the children every week and do so with excellence. 

Last but surely not least, many thanks to YOU for understanding the importance of Super Sunday School and for your continued support as together we raise these precious children in God’s Word . . .