Pledge 2022

…Bringing forth much fruit

COVID-19 will always be a reminder of the many trials we have endured as a
church and a nation over this past year and a half. The continued threats and
anxiety created by the ongoing pandemic, rise in violence, natural disasters
and terror attacks create ever present stressors. Today we face a famine of
hope. We are weary. We wonder: will we get through these turbulent times?

The answer from the pages of the Bible is a resounding YES.

The church was made for a challenge like this. As God’s people, it is up to us to
give courage and sustenance to our generation, offering a plan and a story of
God’s help and goodness.

That is precisely what we have been doing in 2021. We have launched
powerful new ministries, implemented new communication tools and
technology, brought the church family and community together in a series of
events, hired new staff and put together a vision for the future. We are
investing in our children and young people, in our men and our women, the
broken who walk through our doors and the desperate who are touched by
our community engagement and missions outreach.

Together let’s lead a Harvest of Hope and bring the first and best of our fruit
into the house of the Lord. And watch Him use it as a vehicle of
transformation by bringing the hope of Jesus to many.

Join us in dedicating our tithes to God on November 14th, Commitment Sunday! Either bring your pledge card to church or click below to pledge online.

Your Support Puts Things in Motion:

International Christian Development Mission (ICDM) in Haiti
Missionary Partners Debbie & Paul Robinson serving in Kenya, Africa
Aided over +90,000 men, women and children at the HOPE partership
Vacation Bible School (K-5)
Vacation Bible School (PreK)
CommPres Youth (Middle & High school)
Our new church website & online campus (you're here!)
Town-sized events to promote church exposure and building new communities.
Flourishing Super Sunday School!