July 2021 Mission Update from Paul & Debbie in Kenya

Praise God!….after our last youth praise service at Celebration High School we saw 38 give their lives to Jesus in assembly the next morning. Another 17 accepted Jesus the following day after our visitors from  “Excellent Youth Outreach” gave an altar call. One Muslim boy said he wanted to become a Christian but was afraid of his parents reaction. However he made a commitment the very next morning along with 6 others. God’s Holy Spirit is moving powerfully over our students!

With 62 new Christians at CHS we’re beginning a “Youth Alpha” course August 7th. Paul and Collins, one of our teachers, are heading this up. They say that Christianity in Africa is a mile wide but only an inch deep, so we want to make sure we disciple these students to go deeper in their faith and discover God’s purpose for their lives. 
During half term break last week we ran a 3 day outreach for children in the village. 80 precious ones enrolled on the first day but we ended up with 130 by day three! Follow Jesus was the message with a “fish” based theme. Groups chose their own names, we had red / white snapper, shark, whale etc. An easy theme for the Bible stories! Choruses, crafts and games were enjoyed by all. Especially Paul….the way he was running around you wouldn’t have thought he’d just turned 70!

One of the highlights was seeing the children’s faces at lunchtime tucking into a meal prepared by our Casuarina staff. A midday meal is a luxury not normally afforded by the village children. The joy and laughter was infectious.
Coming home on a high after the week’s activities, Paul was arrested by the police for a minor offence. They took him to the police station to pay a fine but he only had half the money on him. They said they would accept the lesser amount (for themselves!) and not put it through the books. Paul said he was a Christian and wanted to pay to Caesar what is Caesar’s and render to God what is God’s. They let him home to get the rest of the money. After returning and paying the balance, the officer in charge escorted him down the stairs then asked Paul to pray for him to do his job righteously and with wisdom. Don’t you just love the way God uses every situation for good!
We are still awaiting renewal of our missionary permits (7 months now) so would appreciate prayer for those to be issued. Other than that we are well, energized and enjoying all God has us doing. We miss our family and friends but praise the Lord for zoom, Skype and WhatsApp! We don’t know when we will return but trust in His perfect timing. Until then we send much love across the miles.

God bless,

Debbie Scott-Robinson