I grew up in San Antonio, Texas but eventually landed in Ohio for 14 years where I received my BA in Computer Animation. Although my father was a preacher growing up, I hadn’t even considered pursuing ministry myself. In fact, I wanted nothing to do with faith.
My family life looked good on the outside, but it was broken and I grew up feeling lost and unaware of who I really was until I encountered Jesus for myself. From this, God placed a desire in my heart to build relationships with teenagers and journey alongside them with the hope that they would encounter Jesus as I had. This led me to Young Life where I served for 6 years and it changed my life forever.
After Young Life, I served for 4 years as a Youth Director and then 2 years as a Young Adult’s Pastor at another community.
Recently, God has called me to CommPres as my new faith home where I can’t wait to be part of God’s movement in the hearts of Celebration. My desire is to preach Jesus clearly and with passion, and to pass the torch of Christian leadership to the next generation.