Friends of Utange Newsletter, August 2021


Isn’t it great to make someone’s day! That’s what happened when I surprised Momo Mkambe on our feeding programme with a calling letter for Celebration High School. Momo passed her final exams at primary school and we found her a sponsor so she was able to join CHS at the beginning of this month. Doesn’t she look happy in her uniform below:

Six other orphans from FEED500 also began at CHS. There are many that need financial assistance for their education for the next 4 years. Unlike primary education in Kenya which is free, high school you have to pay. Those on our feeding programme are too poor to be able to continue learning without the help of a sponsor. Our hearts desire is to see these orphans educated and empowered for a better life than their mud hut beginnings.

With the heavy rains over, Teacher Collins decided it was time for the students to get some fresh air outside of the classroom, so conducted his lesson on the field. We are blessed with 12 dedicated staff at CHS who our 190 students are encouraged and taught by. In addition to the curriculum, we run music, drama, agriculture and science clubs. We also have scouts and an active C U. Now that the COVID restrictions have eased, the students are back playing footie, netball and volleyball outside again too.

Our Casuarina spotlight this month shines on Dennis, now 18. He plays guitar, drums and keyboard and will perform wherever he’s asked! Dennis plays in the Celebration Worship Band where his talent was spotted recently. He was over the moon to be asked to record a lead guitar backing track for a professional singer at the music studios in Mombasa. Dennis has a natural talent and mainly plays by ear. His desire is to go to music college after leaving CHS and learn everything there is to know about music.

It makes my heart smile to see our kidz flourishing!
Thank you everyone for your support.   

God bless,
Debbie Scott-Robinson