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CommPres supports international missions around the globe.
South Asia
Haiti – International Christian Development Mission (ICDM)
Located in Bayonnais, this organization provides school for children, medical clinic, food and clothing plus training for adults. For more information, visit:

Interested in joining our team on the 2018 Spring Break mission trip to Haiti?

Families and youth are welcome. For more information, contact Matt Didway at


Kenya – Utange Orphans Charity: Casuarina House and Feed500 Program

Utange Orphans Logo

Founded by Paul and Debbie Scott-Robinson, this amazing ministry not only provides food, shelter and education, but also offers a loving, caring, nurturing environment for children in need. They are currently raising funds to build a much needed High School for orphans and other disadvantaged children. For more information, visit:

The couples’ ministry not only involves charity work, but they are the volunteer missionaries for Utange Baptist Church, conducting a second service in English on a Sunday mornings. This Evangelistic outreach ministry includes Bible training for leaders and pastors from 30 plus churches throughout the region as well as counseling training for those working with bereavement and trauma in children. The ministry has a Youth Center that sleeps 24 people where Paul and Debbie facilitate volunteering mission expeditions for international groups. Anyone interested in visiting, please contact


Christmas was eventful this year. As an orphanage, some of our children were invited to the switching on of the Christmas tree lights celebration in Mombasa, organised by the government. All the children wanted to go when they heard there would be a fun fair but we could only choose ten. Here they are eagerly waiting to go.

They woke very early that morning excited for the 9.00 pick up….. 10.00 came…. then 11.00 but alas, no bus. At 11.30, we received a call saying there was a shortage of buses. We found out later that although funds had been given to the appropriate government department to pay for 10 buses to collect children from various orphanages, staff had pocketed some of the money leaving only 4 buses paid for to do the rounds. Sadly, such is Africa. Our children were very disappointed as they didn’t get to go after all.

However, we did our best to make it up to them by arranging a day at the beach along with the staff. A lot of fun ….especially as the local fisherman let the children use his surfboard to ride on. Here is a picture of Juma and Dickson keenly watched by others.

Dennis entertained himself by making his own little marine park pool in the sand, collecting star fish, crabs and a sea cucumber….until the tide came in and swept them away! Some of the boys found an old truck tire on the beach and did acrobats and balancing act with it. Was great how they amused themselves.

I’m sad to report there is a drought in Kenya. This is drastically affecting food prices and as usual it’s the poor that suffer the most. For the charity that means our feeding programme is hardest hit as there is a shortage of maize (looks like corn on the cob). The maize is picked then ground into flour which are the bags we give out to the children at FEED500. They take this home and mix it with boiling water to cook ugali from for something to eat during the week. It’s filling and nutritious. Being the staple diet of most in Kenya, demand is high but crops few in the current draught. Bundle prices have increased twice in February, giving us the challenge of finding an extra £136 per month in order to sustain the current levels we give out to the 500 orphans on the feeding programme. We’ll continue to do our best for these little ones.

The good news is Celebration High School is progressing, as you can see from the picture below. We are building the school specifically for orphans and other disadvantaged children and are prayerfully expecting to open phase one January 2018. The first phase will consist of 4 classrooms, 2 science labs, reception, offices and toilets. If you ask any deprived child in the village what they desire most, all will tell you food and a sponsor for their schooling. They know an education is the key to escaping their poverty trap, giving hope for a better future.

Thank you so much for your continued interest and support. God bless!


South Asia – Missionaries


We found out today that 2 of our 3 visas were granted! We are praising God for His grace in this provision and continuing to affirm our steps as we move forward on this journey of faith! Our daughter’s visa is now being processed. We are praying and anticipating that her visa will be granted, too.

In the past month, God also provided an apartment for us to live in once we arrive! He didn’t just provide any old apartment. He provided a nice apartment with furniture and appliances within a 15 minute walk from our language school! We were connected with a family that will be moving to another city this month and they offered us their apartment and also many of their belongings at a discounted cost. This was a HUGE and unexpected affirmation from the Lord.

This month, we are also looking forward to our commissioning service with our sending church on March 26th. The pastors and elders will be praying over us and commissioning us during both morning services. They have been an amazing support during this process. We have placed ourselves under their headship and authority and will look to them for guidance and leadership as we pursue God’s call to serve Him overseas.

We will be sending out another mid-March email to update everyone with the rest of our plans and information about communicating with us securely and safely once we are overseas. Thank you for your prayers!

Please pray for wisdom as we finalize departure details. Please pray that our daughter’s visa would be granted. Please pray that we would spend intentional time with family and friends during this month and say good good-byes.

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