British physician A.J. Cronin wrote about an experience he had when an outbreak of Diphtheria occurred.

A little boy was brought in hardly able to breathe. In those days, that often meant people would die. The Doctor performed a tracheotomy which allowed the child to breathe and put him in the care of a young nurse to watch hm through the night. The Doctor went off to bed, and in the early morning hours, a trembling nurse awakened him with the sad news the little boy had died. Exhausted, the young nurse has slipped into sleep only to awaken and discover the tube was blocked and the child was dead.

The Doctor was furious. He raged against the young nurse, telling her he would see to it that she never practiced nursing again. Standing before his wrath in a pathetic, scarcely audible voice she said, “Give me another chance.” He told her he would not and dismissed her, retiring back to bed. He couldn’t sleep, haunted by her request “give me another chance.” The next morning, he ripped up the letter of condemnation he had written against her in the night.

Years later, the Doctor met the young girl, now a grown woman who was the matron of one of the largest children’s hospital in England, known throughout the country for her commitment to nursing. She obviously used her “second chance” to develop her nursing skills and ultimately save lives.

Christ has forgiven our past moral failures so that we can go forward and use our gifts to bring His love into the world. God’s forgiveness is a never ending second chance to get our life right. Jesus has resurrected us from the old broken self to a new person— who He lives within and now guides us to a life of eternal significance.

I have a sign in my office that reads, “What you are is God’s gift to you. What you become is your gift to God.” Let’s maximize Christ’s forgiveness and new life