The Christmas Baby

A little child who had just learned the story of Christmas was at a shopping mall with his parents and looking at all the decorations: Santa and his elves, the tree adorned with ornaments and lights and then asked the question, “But where is Jesus?”

Why do the merchants leave Jesus out? Do they hate Jesus? Probably not. Even most hard core atheist perceive Jesus as a wise, compassionate, liberating historical figure. But let’s face it, baby Jesus doesn’t sell much merchandize. Who sells toys? Santa does. The irony of the secular Christmas season is Jesus (the reason there is a Christmas) tends to be an interruption. It is not that people are antagonistic to Jesus, but they have another agenda.

People react aggressively towards Jesus, because while He is non-threatening, a baby in a manger, but when the baby grows up He starts making demands; calling for holiness and righteousness and a change of lifestyle. Suddenly the Baby is meddling in our lives.

Jesus came to earth as a baby to show us a God who cared enough to become vulnerable for us. He came to repair the damage that sin has caused. He came to establish a kingdom that places God, His Father, in the primary spot in our lives.

This is what people reject. They don’t want a Jesus like that. People want to be rulers of their own domain. They want to be the one who decided what is right and wrong for themselves. If they let the child into their lives and He grows up He will become King and they will have to change. That is why Christmas is rejected by many in this world. It is about Jesus.

Three pastors were at the coffee shop discussing when life begins. One said, “Life begins when the child takes his/her first breath.” The other said, “Life begins when the child is conceived.” The last pastor said, “You both are wrong, life begins when the last child leaves the house!” When does life really begin? When the Christ child is allowed to grow up within you! Let Jesus be born afresh within you so your life can be divinely charged!

–By Rev. Dr. William Lewis