William Borden was heir to the Borden Diary fortune, but he abandoned immeasurable wealth to serve God as a foreign missionary.  Tragically, before reaching his destination he contracted meningitis and died. Among his possessions was found this scribbled note summarizing his life’s passion: No reserve, no retreat, no regrets. His story and motto captured the heart of a generation and galvanized thousands for the mission field.

It is powerful how one person’s faith can inspire many others. I often thought that Stephen’s faith and spirit was transferred to Saul who then became the apostle Paul. You and I can hand the baton of faith to others, especially when the gifts of the Spirit are flowing in and through us.

In our church -wide study exploring and discovering the Holy Spirit, one of the interesting, sometimes apprehensive, elements of the Holy Spirit is the distribution of gifts. 1 Cor. 12:4 “Now there are a variety of gifts, but the same Spirit.”

God’s supreme gift to His people is Himself. He gave His Son for us sending Him to die in our place so our sins could be forgiven. He made us His children by grace through faith. And gives us new life through His Spirit who dwells in us.

The agenda the Holy Spirit has for us is that we might lead others to meet Jesus. Every Christian has at least one spiritual gift given at the moment of our salvation. No Christian has every spiritual gift and our gifts will differ from each other, so that together we can be complete as the body of Christ.

God distributes His gifts as He chooses. I have noticed that if we are open God will surprise us by releasing a fresh gift through us as it is needed at the moment.

Studying the lives of the great preachers, like D.L Moody and Billy Graham, you realize they were average men…but when empowered by the Spirit of Jesus Christ they touched more people in their generation than any others throughout history.

The Lord has an agenda for your life that is first aimed at blessing you, but then letting God touch others through you. You were saved to serve others and gifted by the Holy Spirit to serve them God’s love! When our hearts are united to the heart of Jesus He will give your life eternal significance as His Spirit advances His kingdom in and around you. Ask Jesus to do something powerful in and through you—then look for His moment.