Sharing Our Faith at Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas hymns is, Go Tell it on the Mountain!   Whether it is initiating a conversation with someone hurting, sharing how Jesus can bring them through their crises, or getting our hands dirty by demonstrating Christ’s love by caring for the hungry, broken and poverty stricken through our Missions efforts, getting the message out that Jesus has arrived is an essential component to our faith.

Speaking of Missions, as you know, our congregation is dedicated to sharing the message of Christ in every possible way, including an expanded investment in Missions.  Dr. David Jeremiah in, “What in the World is Going On?” shares some interesting info: the United States has the distinction of providing three fourths of the missionaries of the last century and approximately the same amount of money and material aid. This means that 75% of all missionaries have come from a country boasting only 5% of the world’s population. In the aftermath of World War II, Americans started 1,800 mission agencies and sent out more than 35,000 Missionaries. As a result, 95% of the world’s population have access to not only some portion of scripture, but also to Christian Broadcasts, audio recording, and the “Jesus Film” bringing 200,000 million people to Christ since 1979. The missionary zeal in the United States caused a global exposure to our Lord Jesus Christ.  With all the bashing of the church that takes place, this is something for which to be proud!

Christmas is all about God entering our world to put a halt to the sin that is assaulting humanity. Let’s celebrate God’s invasion into our realm and join with Him in showing and telling others about a God who loves them. GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN! Invite someone to Church this Christmas season, be intentional about reaching out to people you know and don’t know.  Let’s reignite that zeal started by the American missionaries and try to expose as many people as possible to Jesus this Christmas season!

–By Rev. Dr. William Lewis