Power of the Bible

Recently, someone eaves dropped on a spiritual conversation I was having at a social event and interjected, “God is a creation from weak human minds.” He then walked away.  This was a popular argument from the intellectual crowd in the 1800’s. Both the German Philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach and Sigmund Freud espoused such a view.   

However, Charles Colson has an interesting response to the belief that religion is just a psychological prop…“Consider the nature and character of the God revealed in the Bible. If we are making up our own god, would we create one with such harsh demands for justice, righteousness, service, and self-sacrifice as we find in the Bible?  Would the pious New Testament religious establishment have created a god who condemns them for their own hypocrisy? Would even a zealous disciple have invented a Messiah who called His followers to sell all, give their possessions to the poor, and follow Him to their deaths? The skeptic who believes the Bible’s human authors manufactured their God out of psychological need has not read the scriptures carefully.”

While it is popular to discredit the Bible, nothing has affected the rise and fall of civilization, the character of cultures, the structure of governments, and the lives of the inhabitants of this planet as profoundly as the words of the Bible.

The Bible has been rigorously examined for authenticity by early canonical councils.  They demanded eye witness accounts.  Unlike any other religion or great literary work from the past the Bible is the only source that brings firsthand knowledge to the accounts.  Buddhist’s literature was developed two centuries after Buddha died.

The power of prophecy in the Bible is seen in Psalm 22 which explicitly details a crucifixion, with its piercing of the hands and feet, disjointing of the bones, dehydration.  Yet crucifixion was a means of execution unknown to Palestine until the Romans introduced it several hundred years after the Psalms were written. The power of the Bible is it has a supernatural source 2 Peter 1: For no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.” Read it!  

–By Rev. Dr. William Lewis.