I am passionate about doing work that makes a difference. The opportunity to use my marketing and communication skills to bring more people to Him is very exciting for me. Professionally, I have worked in marketing and communications since I graduated college, working for e-commerce, media, and technology organizations like Forbes, PayPal, and Hearst. I am also the author of community building guidebook Reach Out, published by McGraw-Hill. Academically I have an undergraduate degree in Business and a master’s in Marketing.

My family moved to Celebration in 2019 and have been involved with CommPres since we got here. Both my husband and I had great church experiences growing up and we are excited our two boys will have a similar positive faith-forming experience within this church family.

It’s an honor to be able to use my professional skills to attract families and individuals who will also benefit from being a part of the CommPres family, helping to build His Kingdom!