Are You Looking Forward to Christmas?

I love Christmas! The joyful atmosphere, the beautiful decor, the reminder that God came to earth looking for us!  I found a survey asking people: “If they were looking forward to Christmas?” While most answered yes, far too many said no. When asked why, they gave a variety of answers: “Christmas reminds me of things that ought to be but are not.”  “Christmas is a time of love, but I feel very unloved.” “Christmas is a time of giving, but I can’t afford to give.”  “It’s a family time, but there is hostility in my family.”

Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and goodwill, yet too many are struggling against life’s circumstances, experiencing inner turmoil or are in conflict with others.  This reality caused someone to rewrite the words of a familiar Christmas carol: “O little town of heartaches, how troubled we see thee lie. Throughout thy deep and dream tossed sleep our fears go marching by. And in thy dark thoughts dwelleth our everlasting fright. The dread and tears of all the years are visiting tonight.” Hmm, this is someone missing the hope that Christmas brings.

Christmas is about Jesus coming into our world offering to take our stress, worries, pain and fears, bringing peace of mind and an irrepressible joy.  Jesus gives us a purpose in life beyond the insatiable quest of our selfish desires.

Many of us we are lifelong Christians, but for some reason Christ is not making a difference in our lives. Possibly the problem is we’ve merely settled on a religious routine, instead of entering into a personal interaction with the Spirit of Jesus available to you. 

Where is Christ? He’s in your tough circumstances using them to draw you closer to Him. He’s intimately involved in your daily affairs because He wants to impact our everyday with the supernatural.  The promise of our faith is as Jesus states, “I Am with you always.”  So Activate His presence!

The Christmas manger has a tiny hand, that once scooped out the oceans, inviting us to grab hold of it and He’ll lead us to the throne of the Father of life. To the one who is anxious to care for you…just grab His hand!

–By Rev. Dr. William Lewis