I’m often told I don’t have the “accent,” but I was born and raised in Central Jersey. In 1993, the Tennant family moved to Florida, living first in Naples and then here in Celebration. We were among the first 350 families to populate central village – with our sons, Ryan and Collin, being two of the 200 kids who attended Celebration School in its first year (1996/1997). Needless to say, those boys are now men!

Having worked as a licensed Medical Technologist for 25 years, my career transition began when I learned that a Presbyterian church was starting up in town. My husband Dave, the boys, and I attended the very first CommPres worship service on Thanksgiving Eve 1996 on Lakeside lawn.  Not long after, as we continued to attend services in the movie theater, I offered to start up the children’s Sunday School (S.S.) which kicked off in February 1997. I was invited to become a member of the Launch Team which eventually became the first class of ordained elders at the chartering of our church in September of the same year.

As elder for Children’s Nurture from 1997 to 2001, I started the children’s programming and special events that formed a foundation for the programs that are in place today. In September 2001, I was hired as the first Director of Children’s Ministry (DCM) of CommPres. The position rapidly grew with more responsibilities added on, including researching and starting up a Preschool. By February 2004, Session approved the hire of a Preschool Director and by August 2004 the doors of Community Presbyterian Church Preschool were opened with great joy.

While serving God’s children is my passion, let’s not forget that I have been blessed with amazing teams of employees and volunteers to make sure all of this programming happens! I would be remiss if I didn’t include Dave and our sons among those who have blessed me in my work. Having shared me with hundreds of children over the years, they have always provided incredible support.