Let’s Remember God’s #1 Priority

God did not deliver the children of Israel from Egypt just so they could enjoy the Promised Land.  He freed them from bondage so they could have a relationship with Him. God wanted to have intimate fellowship with His people.  The Israelites had been slaves with the Egyptian gods forced upon them. Thus they had no freedom to worship the God of their fathers. 

The Promised Land, was more than a place of milk and honey, (a nice place to live), it was a new location so they could now enjoy getting to know their God.  Through God’s acts of deliverance they came to know Him as an Almighty and compassionate God.  Sadly, the sinful nature continued to disrupt and destroy the intended fellowship.

So God sent His Son Jesus to rectify the broken relationship problem again, this time addressing the bondage of sin that separated all His children from Him. Jesus went to the cross to remove the barriers that sin created, so now we have unhindered access to God’s presence and can once again enjoy a powerful and gracious God in a personal relationship.

Oftentimes in that relationship we tend to be so activity oriented we assume we were saved from sin in order to perform a spiritual task. But even when God gives us assignments, they are impossible to accomplish without His help.  Once again as we lean upon Jesus, the Lord reveals His great mercy and awesome character in the midst of carrying out His will. Be careful not to inadvertently bypass the relationship, when living out your faith! 

Everything that happens in our lives, the great joys and crises we face are opportunities to recognize the movement of God in our lives.  Because of what Jesus did going to the cross, every circumstance, challenge and experience has the potential of being a God encounter meant to draw us closer to Him. 

–By Rev. Dr. William Lewis