The Bible is a library of disbeliefs, mistakes, and failure stories. 

Abraham failed to take seriously God’s promise that his descendants would one day become a great nation. Jacob failed to treat his children fairly, thus sowing murderous anger between them. Moses failed in his first attempt to rescue the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt, thereby squandering 40 years of his life. David failed in his marriage(s) and his parenting. 

The followers of Jesus surrounding the death and resurrection are included in this list of failure stories. They dismissed Jesus’ promise of His resurrection as nonsense and an idle tale. There was Peter’s denial and Thomas’ doubt. And Paul failed to join the new Jesus cult, rounding up its members for execution. 

But God’s best work happens when we feel we are at our worst.

While Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Peter, and Paul have smears on their resume, they are also became the Bible’s greatest heroes. Yes, they all failed dramatically. But what God intended to accomplish in and through their lives was not defeated. 

So don’t be afraid of your dirty laundry. You’re in very good company.

Every time we reveal the truth about the brokenness of our lives, we remind each other that God is the one who can transform some of our worst moments into our greatest victories. As you keep  pursuing Him, realize He isn’t done with us yet. Phil 1:6 “He will complete the good work He started.”