We just finished a 9 week series on the various emotions that we experienced, all of which has been heightened during this Covid pandemic. 

We tend to separate the spiritual life from the physical, social, intellectual and emotional components of our lives. But our emotions are the language of the soul. The emotions we experience have a direct impact on our faith. In other words, if we relegate our emotional life to a sub-category of our spiritual life, we will accidentally keep ourselves spiritually immature. There is an inseparable link between our emotional issues and our spiritual problems. This is a mistake most of us Christians make by trying to cover our dysfunction by a veneer of spirituality.

It is imperative that we tap into our internal life, because events from the past that we have not properly processed will become a factor in our future spiritually success or lack of growth. This means we often have to see the connection of family/generational patterns that contribute to our present sinful and broken habits. For instance, my mother had a serious amount of trauma imposed upon her which shaped her world view, which she inadvertently passed onto me, and thus I live with a fearful approach to my environment.

When we neglect the emotional dimensions of our faith journey, we forfeit the new identity the Spirit of Jesus works within us, which is primarily accomplished in our emotions—the core of who we are. What is amazing about our God is He meets us and speak to us through our depression, and unhappy spouses and events that are beyond our control. He still accomplishes His spiritual agenda in His people, but the Lord desires for us to be healed from the past and be even more fruitful for His kingdom.

This entails work, energy, time invested in your healing, courage to look at yourself, and solitude with God so that you can first and foremost understand the grace of God—that He will never let you go of matter how broken you are. Jesus wants to go beneath the surface and to free you from old patterns of thought and behavior. This occurs through His Spirit who will gently prod you to trust God’s unconditional grace towards you and then release the old you so He can remake the new you; the one that all of us are supposed to be. This is something he does within us, not something we obtain on our own strength.

One of the deep realizations I have stumbled upon recently is the only way for us to acquire self-control is to first be under the Spirit’s control. As we embark on a 7 week study of the Holy Spirit let’s allow God’s healing and transformation to create the you God wants you to be! 


–By Rev. Dr. William Lewis