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A Note from the Pastor: The Lottery [1m read time]

For the price of a $2 ticket, you can indulge in the ultimate financial fantasy. This week’s Mega Millions Jackpot drawing is expected to exceed $1.6 billion. After taxes, a solo winner would have to figure out how to spend $905 million. Does this sound like the best thing that could ever happen to you? [...]

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Worship Moment: Grace [2m read time]

God’s constant grace is what calls out to the depths of who we are. It answers a longing that nothing in this world will ever satisfy, though we try. It’s deep calling to deep, satisfying a hunger in a way that never leaves you feeling hungry again. Grace is undeniably the greatest gift given to [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – How to Pray

In the Bible the only activity for which Jesus’ disciples specifically requested training for was Prayer. There’s no record they ever said, “Lord teach us to worship.” Or “give us some pointers on exorcism.” They must have observed something significantly different from the manner of prayer in which they had been schooled since childhood. So, [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Connection

A watershed moment is when everything changes after one event. Helen Keller was robbed of both her hearing and sight by a childhood illness. At the age of 19 months she was plunged into a world of silence and darkness. Helen learned to recognize particular vibrations by the approach of her family members and could [...]

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Worship Moment: Are you flexible? [1m read time]

God is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega, of everything in life! He knows our thoughts before we’ve even formed them, counted every hair on our head before we’re able to brush them. The God of creation is that intimately acquainted with us. Does this register for us? It’s not our keen [...]

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A Note from the Pastor: God is at Work! [1m read time]

In most ancient mythologies, the gods were genuine slackers. They sat around and did nothing, apart from occasionally getting themselves into relational messes worthy of a soap opera. What’s the point of being a god unless you can play golf or take a nap whenever you want and demand that other people serve you? According [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Come to the Well [1m read time]

Glenn McDonald shares insight about Australian Cattle ranches, which can be vast in size. Some are larger than small countries and are home to half a million animals. Rain is infrequent. Cattle in search of water can wander for miles. Traditionally, there are two ways of keeping the cattle on the station. One is to [...]

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Worship Moment of the Week – What’s Your Identity?

What is your true identity? So many times we look to external influences and claim them as who we are, without considering if it’s what God says about who we are. Our jobs, environment, our culture and media, all form and shape us. We want something to identify with. It’s what gives us our purpose. [...]

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