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Saint Ogilvie

In 1615, John Ogilvie, was the only post-Reformation Catholic to be martyred in Glasgow Scotland.  Some years ago, a man was healed of cancer by wearing a medallion of blessed John Ogilvie. I found this intriguing because last week a friend asked me if there was any validity to relics having spiritual power. Then I [...]

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World Quarantine: 40 Days and the Bible

This was sent to Pastor William and he found it so interesting, he is sharing it here:   The Latin word for "quarantine" is "forty." The Venetians kept ships from plague-stricken countries out of their ports for 40 days to make sure no diseases were brought to land.    So, what does the Bible say [...]

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Encouragement from the Pastor: Be Like Trees

One of the unique challenges we all have in the midst of the quarantine is: how do we release our faith on the people around us? After all, the social distancing laws have severely limited our ability to touch and interact with other lives. Yet I still get e-mails, texts, and phone calls from people [...]

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Encouragement from the Pastor: When God’s Best Work Happens

The Bible is a library of disbeliefs, mistakes, and failure stories.  Abraham failed to take seriously God's promise that his descendants would one day become a great nation. Jacob failed to treat his children fairly, thus sowing murderous anger between them. Moses failed in his first attempt to rescue the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt, thereby squandering 40 years of his life. David [...]

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Encouragement from the Pastor: The Women

In the gospels you will notice, “the Angel said to the women...” Why the women? Because they were there at the tomb to care for the body of Jesus. They were also at the foot of the cross, and they are present throughout the ministry of Jesus. I’d like to say they are an overlooked [...]

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Encouragement from the Pastor – Kindness

Glenn McDonald asks the question, “What do you have that sticks or squeaks?” That was the central sales pitch of an old commercial for WD-40. If you don’t know about WD-40, you’ve somehow missed the second most important thing to always have around the house. The first, of course, is duct tape. WD-40, the all-purpose spray lubricant conjured [...]

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