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Holy Spirit Is Our Guarantee

Jim Denison points out that the issue of suffering is the single greatest objection to belief in an all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful God. Atheist Sam Harris says that the existence of a single suffering child anywhere in the universe calls into question the existence of a loving God. Atheist Christopher Hitchens lost his mother to suicide [...]

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Emotions and Our Faith

We just finished a 9 week series on the various emotions that we experienced, all of which has been heightened during this Covid pandemic.  We tend to separate the spiritual life from the physical, social, intellectual and emotional components of our lives. But our emotions are the language of the soul. The emotions we experience [...]

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Being God’s Temple

Glenn McDonald has some interesting insights about what it means to be God’s temple: The Jesus Movement was launched into a landscape dotted with temples. As followers of Jesus took the Good News around the Mediterranean world, it was impossible not to notice the diversity of sacred spaces. The Jews of Jesus' time centered their [...]

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The Power of God

Dr. David Jeremiah pondered the immenseness of the Universe, indicating that our Sun could produce enough energy in one second to power civilization for 5000,000 years. However, our Sun is merely one medium star in a universe filled with trillions of others—astronomers estimate there are 400 billion stars in our galaxy and there are a [...]

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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa had been a teaching nun in a covenant in India that had high walls with beautiful peaceful gardens on the grounds. She taught the children of the wealthiest in her city.  She enjoyed material security, never had to search for food, medicine or clothing--- never a concern about her safety.  She was the [...]

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Molly Beck

I am passionate about doing work that makes a difference. The opportunity to use my marketing and communication skills to bring more people to Him is very exciting for me. Professionally, I have worked in marketing and communications since I graduated college, working for e-commerce, media, and technology organizations like Forbes, PayPal, and Hearst. I [...]

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God’s Goodness

Dr. David Jeremiah tells about a film critic who said, “Some movies so bad, they’re good.” Like the 1959 science fiction movie Plan 9 from Outer Space. It is considered the worst film ever made...yet it has a cult following. As our cultural values are changing so quickly, our world has a hard time distinguishing [...]

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Grieve the Holy Spirit

When I was growing up, I would get in trouble from time to time. The punishment varied for the offense: putting gum on the back seat of the girl’s seat in front of me, ruining her blouse, cost me my allowance. Removing the back wall of my neighbor’s garage merited a wire hanger beating on [...]

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Spiritual War Room

In 1940 with Germany raining down bombs on London, Winston Churchill and his cabinet lived in their cabinet war room. The White House Situation room provides the same security to our President today. In such war rooms, battles are won or lost.  Christians need a war room of the soul. A place and time where [...]

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You Can Be An Eternal Change Agent

Last week, I mentioned that 82,000 people across the globe give their lives to Jesus Christ.  Here’s the bad news, only 6,000 are in the western Europe and America combined. The number of Americans who say they have no religion has doubled in the last 20 years.  The number of atheists and agnostics in our country [...]

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