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A Note from the Pastor – Barnacles Slowing Us Down

There’s an animal with one eye, no heart, both male and female sex organs, antennae that secrete cement, and hangs upside down its entire life—the barnacle. Barnacles are communal; where you find one you are likely to find hundreds or thousands. Each barnacle at birth cranks out its own version of super glue and settles [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Unanswered Prayer?

On the trip to Ireland I had the privilege of ministering to both pastors and participants alike. One time I was walking down the path, and some-one I don’t know said, “Pastor William, can you help me understand something about God?” He was struggling because the preacher had said, “If you ask God for anything [...]

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A Note from the Worship Director – Tabernacle and Presence

I sat down and asked God to show me how worship has always been a part of our relationship with Him.  Creator and creation, together in a place of awe and wonder. This is where we come to the edge of     ourselves, reach into the unknown, and trust that our perfect Father is there to [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Grace Feast

Once there were two beautiful young sisters whose father was the founder of his own stern religious group. The rules were hard. Life was not to be enjoyed. There were to be no frivolity or sensual pleasures.  Even though the sisters attracted numerous suitors, the father drove them all away.  Over time, the sisters became [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Learning to Love

Glenn McDonald points out that the Bible is not the story of God’s power. It is the story of God’s love.  Most of us have days in which we wish God would use His power to clean up this mess of a planet.  But God is working steadily and relentlessly by another means.  God is [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven

History’s most gifted artists and composers often have biographies of brooding and self-destructive excess.  Then there is Franz Joseph Haydn, 1721-1809, the  Austrian composer who was incredibly happy.  That’s not to say his life was easy. Haydn was born into a family of peasants.  He frequently knew hunger and desperation. Two different times fires swept [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Nudity and Nakedness

The Bible begins with Paradise and ends with Paradise.  The first two chapters of Genesis and the last two chapters of Revelation describe a setting in which humans freely and joyfully walk with God. That means the rest of the Bible happens between two gardens: Eden (Paradise lost) and Heaven (Paradise at history’s finish line).  [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Extra Grace Required

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the outdoor picnic season, hanging out with friends and family. Most of these groups have special “EGR” people in them (Extra Grace Required). There are two ways of doing life: the first is just pretending to like each other. Or, we can attempt to love those people who [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Number Your Days

Are you an average American? If so, you will live 78.3 years unless you live in Hawaii in which case you would live 80.0 years in paradise. Demographers have an idea how you will spend your days, months and years. During your average life you will do the following: Sleep for 26 years. Listen to [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Grandpa in the Playpen

 A grandfather arrived at his daughter’s house ready to dive into his favorite activity of the week: playing with his grandson. Jeremy was sitting in his playpen. “Pa Pa!” he shouted. The older man reached down and swooped his grandson up into his arms. Just as they began to play, however, Jeremy’s mother walked into [...]

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