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A Note from the Pastor – Ten Suggestions?

About 30 years ago media mogul Ted Turner held a press conference in which he declared it was time to come up with a new list of Ten Commandments. “The ones we’ve had since the Old Testament times are too old and nobody obeys them anyways.” Turner then proposed Ten Voluntary Initiatives; benevolent activities we [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Spiritual Life

What’s the best way to describe the spiritual life? Some say it’s like climbing a mountain. You start at the bottom and gradually work your way up to the top. Others suggest it’s like building a house. First you lay the foundation, then start adding rooms one at a time. What these pictures have in [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Migratory Mission

Every Fall, Midwesterners watch the Monarch butterflies fly south. Every spring they return. Where do they hang out in the winter? Observers discovered the Monarchs east of the Rocky Mountains fly all the way to Mexico for the winter. The butterflies west of the Rockies fly to wintering sites along the Pacific Ocean.  Scientists have [...]

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A Note from the Pastor- Vision 2019 [1m read time]

At a recent Hillsong conference Brian Houston informed us, “There is more.” This was inspiring to hear because sometimes our dreams evade us and we start to settle. We might even be walking in our Christian calling, but still have a nagging feeling, “can there be more?” The other day someone said, “Pastor, you’ve launched [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Abraham and Sarah Laughed

The first time laughter is mentioned in human literature comes from the book of Genesis. It rolls out of the mouths of two senior citizens: a 100-year-old Abraham and his 90-year-old wife, Sarah. They are the recipients of an incredible promise. God guarantees they will receive the two greatest assets in the ancient world: property [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Our Existence

I married into a family with a bunch of smart people. This Christmas the families gathered and during this time a late night, four-hour conversation happened. Uncle Steve, a mathematician, scientific researcher and otherwise brilliant mind, explained that with billions of galaxies the probability of life elsewhere is high. However, he went on to share [...]

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Worship Moment of the Week – Overflow

We’ve just come through the Christmas season and I feel like this is the year for truly unwrapping all God has given us in His Son, Jesus. Love came down, set aside His crown, and made Himself like one of us. There is no greater way to say to all of us, “I love you, [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Reflections After Christmas

Christmas Eve was a special event for Community Presbyterian Church! We enjoyed 2,500 attenders. We had been praying that everyone would have an encounter with the Lord Jesus. After each service people approached me, some wanting to give their lives to Jesus while others shared this was the first time they considered Eternal Life. Several [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – The Real Santa

Children lined up to see Santa Claus in the English town of St. Ives, when an alarm went off causing an evacuation of the building.Suddenly, Santa ripped his beard and hat off in front of the children and started shouting and swearing at the families to leave. One mother calmed her child down by telling [...]

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