Christmas had never made sense to a gruff farmer, especially the storyline that God chose to become a human being. What would induce the Creator of the universe to pull a stunt like that?

On a bitterly cold December evening, the farmer was getting ready for bed when he heard  a  thumping sound against the door of his kitchen. It was birds. Sparrows were trying to get into his house. Sparrows can die on a cold night unless they find shelter. These had been drawn by the apparent warmth of his house.

The farmer was touched. He bundled up and trudged through the snow toward his barn, which he figured would make an excellent spot for a flock of birds to get out of the weather.

He opened the barn door and beckoned the         sparrows in. He turned on the lights. The sparrows, which had scattered when he opened the door to leave his house, hid in the darkness. “They’re afraid of me,” he realized. What could he do to earn their trust? He laid down a trail of cracker crumbs.  None of the birds came toward the barn. He came in      behind them, gently waving his arms. “Fly inside and be safe!” he urged them. But they took off in alarm.

It became clear that this was a hopeless task. To the sparrows, his motives were impossible to discern. To them he was nothing but a giant creature speaking words they could not understand and making       motions that looked like threats.

“If only I could be a sparrow,” he sighed.  “I could  assure them that I mean no harm and show them where they can be safe.” And in that same moment it dawned on him: This is the very thing God had done. The Creator went to the extreme of becoming one of His creatures, so He could speak clearly to us, and there would be no misunderstanding. It was the only way He could get through, which is why     Christmas is a very big deal. 

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”
(John 1:14)