I sat down and asked God to show me how worship has always been a part of our relationship with Him.  Creator and creation, together in a place of awe and wonder. This is where we come to the edge of     ourselves, reach into the unknown, and trust that our perfect Father is there to provide for our every need.

Worship was established in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. The Bible says that they walked with God in the cool of the day and they worshipped God, without any interruptions. This was an ongoing, continual flow of worship. God was there, as their perfect Father, giving them everything they needed.  It was perfect. A place just outside of themselves and into the presence of the Divine.

After “the fall” we see the first act of worship with Adam and Eve’s sons. They brought their offerings to the Lord as an act of worship. When sin entered in, the interruption between God and His children occurred. Worship needed to be scheduled to a time and a place. Here we see worship transition from an experience to an event. God made a provision for us, outside of His perfection, to accommodate the sin affliction and lost identity.

In the Old Testament, God laid out a plan for Israel of worship in the tabernacle. A set time to come together to worship Him. God also wanted His people to be engaged in perpetual worship with Him, by keeping the offering fire burning (Exodus 30:8; Leviticus 6:12;). He also required bread to be laid out on the alter, Sabbath after Sabbath, as a lasting covenant between Himself and His people (Leviticus 24:5-9).

In the New Testament, we read that Christians are now the temple and the priests of God. Like those from the Old Testament, God wants us to worship at appointed times as well as continually. If we prepare our minds, the way He wanted the tabernacle prepared, we have room for the Divine to reside inside. He wants us to be in His presence. We come together as the Body to fan the flame of faith for our lives and for those around us. He calls us deeper into the presence of the unknown, far beyond what our minds can comprehend, into the place of provision and praise.

-Kristin Tucker