At a recent Hillsong conference Brian Houston informed us, “There is more.” This was inspiring to hear because sometimes our dreams evade us and we start to settle. We might even be walking in our Christian calling, but still have a nagging feeling, “can there be more?” The other day someone said, “Pastor, you’ve launched the Hope Center and now built the new Life Center. I guess you left your mark.” I thought first of all: the family at Community Presbyterian Church under the empowerment of Jesus Christ made the sacrifices and had the vision to expand the reach of God to as many people as possible through the Hope Center and Life Center. But furthermore, we are just getting started!

The other day a woman was in my office sharing the horrors of human trafficking and then stunned me when she mentioned it was occurring in Kissimmee, right in our neighborhood! My soul was immediately ignited to rise up and find, help and free these victims. This is what happens to God’s people: we hear about kids that don’t have food, people being martyred for their faith or people stuck in the poverty cycle and the Holy Spirit lays it upon us to be His avenue to bring God’s solution.

When you belong to Jesus Christ there is no retirement. Even when we can no longer physically participate in tangible ministry. We can pray for people, minister and talk about Jesus to those in our sphere of influence.

In the meantime, for us Christians who hold the baton of faith passed down the last 2 thousand millennia, we have an exciting opportunity to release the Spirit of Jesus Christ through our lives and see God touch the world under our watch.

So what is the Church’s present vision?: Reach Millennials, create a path for visitors to become part of the church family, add Life Groups to do Christianity together, launch a Women’s Ministry, a Senior Saints Ministry, expand our social media, add new missions efforts, refurbish the sanctuary, channel the young families into a power ministry, cultivate the Youth ministries, etc.

A church expert would say, “Just pick one item and focus all your energy on that.” Yes, we prioritize certain ministry launches. But Ephesians 3:20 challenges us to “see the more that God wants for our lives–far more than we ever imagined.” Let’s see God do more in us and through us! 

-Rev Dr William Lewis