There’s a new plan that will change the definition of what it means for life to end. The Alcor Life Extension Foundation specializes in cryopreservation, the freezing of human corpses immediately after death, in the hope that one day science will solve the riddle of mortality and bring them back to full consciousness. The foundation has 2,000 clients, 164 of whom have already died and entered the storage vaults. 

How does this work? When the inevitable happens, a team will place the body in ice cold water and sustain blood circulation and breathing with a heart lung resuscitator. Gradually their blood will be drained to make way for an organ preservation solution that will support life at low temperatures. It’s in this stage the body will be packed in ice and air dashed to Alcor. The goal is to preserve customers in as pristine form as possible. The company also preserves pets for future resuscitation and already has 33 in storage. The cost comes to $250,000 per client, a small price to pay for life without a finish line.

The downside is you’re stuck with the body you have when you die, which is why you should eat the right foods, exercise and consume plenty of fish oil. Most of the clients are betting on science to one day restore physical life beyond the grave. Perhaps they will attach a preserved brain to a whole new body. Currently there are 64 human heads in storage. This all sounds like a Saturday afternoon science fiction B-movie.

The real question is not “how” but “why.” Why would anyone want to reawaken to a world in which the people we have loved, our family members and friends, are long gone? Isn’t the richness of life measured by the depths of relationships instead of the number of minutes? It may seem as if preserving biological life is the greatest possible value. But the deepest longing of every human heart is love, a love that will somehow still be meaningful beyond the grave. 

Why would you want to wake up and continue to live in a sinful world when a new world is offered? God provides the assurance He will be walking with us in the next world, and it’s free because Jesus already paid for it!

-Rev Dr William Lewis