Are you an average American? If so, you will live 78.3 years unless you live in Hawaii in which case you would live 80.0 years in paradise.

Demographers have an idea how you will spend your days, months and years. During your average life you will do the following:

Sleep for 26 years. Listen to music for 13 years. Spend 12 years at work. Spend 9 years watching T.V.  Shop for 6 years. Do housework for 4 years. Eat for 3 years. Post personal updates on social media for 3 years. Stand in line for 2.5 years. Spend 2 years in the bathroom. Spend 2 years in meetings. Spend 18 months in traffic. Work out for 15 months. Spend 8 months processing third class mail. Spend 8 months laughing. Wait 6 months for red lights to turn green. Channel surf with the remote for 3 months. Cry 2,400 times. Spend two weeks kissing. Get 251 colds. Blink your eyes closed 1 year.

There is reason to suspect Psalm 90 is the oldest of the Bible’s 150 Psalms. It is the only one attributed to Moses. It includes these words, “The length of our days is seventy years or eighty, if we have the strength…teach us to number our days aright, that we may have a heart of wisdom.” (vs. 10,12)

Everyone spends time pondering if there’s life after death. The better question: is there life before death? We can directly influence the answer to the second question. No matter how often we eat, sleep, shop, cry or sit through meetings, the essence of a life well lived is garnering wisdom.  

Wisdom is intentionally stepping into the grace-based relationship God has offered to us and embracing our identity as His beloved children. Wisdom is living in flow of Christ’s Spirit who orchestrates abundant/eternal life for us and everyone who crosses our path.

If you live an average life, you’ll get to experience about 28,500 days. But you only get one shot at today. By God’s grace may we grow in His wisdom throughout the next 24 hours.

Remember Lamentations 3:23, “His mercies are new every morning!” Grab hold of that resource—it will change your day for the better!

-Rev Dr William Lewis