A Note from the Pastor – Every Day Gratitude [1m read time]

Robert McCormack was a sergeant in WW1. He nearly lost his life while saving the life of Major Henry Parkin. Fortunately, both men survived the war. From that day on, until he died 25 years later, in April every year Parkin wrote McCormack a letter of gratitude. The last letter Parkin wrote contained a brief note: Dear Bob, I again want to express to you my appreciation for another year of life which I would not have enjoyed had it not been for you and the price you were willing to pay to save my life. I want you to know, I am grateful.”

Sometimes I fear too many only get around to expressing their gratitude to God once a year, rather than living with an attitude of gratitude.

The Thanksgiving holiday is a national invitation to show our gratitude to the Lord for all His blessings. Even for those who do not necessarily enjoy a daily relationship with God, they have an opportunity to express their appreciation to the “Man Upstairs.” Sadly, there are those who have rejected a relationship with their Creator and Redeemer, embracing an atheistic perspective. I think of God’s love illustrated in Matthew 5:45, “He makes the Sun rise on the evil and the good and sends rain on the just and the unjust.”

In Jeremiah 2:32 the Lord laments, “My people forget me time without number.” Let’s make sure this verse doesn’t apply to us!
There’s a story about a Persian King who arose from a poverty stricken home to the glory of the royal throne. After he was crowned king, he sent his servants to the old shack where was reared with orders to gather every relic of those days. They found broken toys, his patched shirt, a crude wooden bowl from which he ate and many other worthless items from his childhood. He arranged all these in a special room of his palace. Periodically he would visit the room as a reminder of his humble origin. On the wall hung a prayer entitled: “Lest I forget.”

We have memories all around us of what God has brought us out of…Whether it is seeing brokenness in others, or the lingering parts of the old self, let’s embrace the salvation the Lord has secured for us EVERY DAY.

-Rev Dr William A Lewis