If you had to define your life goal in the time it took a traffic light to turn green what would yours be? Knowing our mission in life is essential to living with significance and joy. William Barclay said, “A man will never become outstandingly good at anything unless that thing is his ruling passion. There must be something of which he can say, ‘For me to live is this.’” Winston Churchill told the House of Commons in June 1941, “I have but one purpose, the destruction of Hitler, and my life is much simplified thereby.” Psychologist Abraham Maslow observed that “an artist must paint, a poet must write, a musician must make music if he is to be fully at peace with himself.”

A Christian’s passion should be experiencing and sharing Jesus Christ. Pastors complain Church members are willing to serve on church committees but not to share their faith and make a difference for Christ in their culture.

Some feel our society is too far gone for their impact to make a difference. Others believe evangelism to be the work of professional clergy. If we can help people find their “ruling passion” in Christ, everything changes. When Christians define their “one purpose, they are empowered with a God-given sense of direction and significance.

The problem is that Western culture doesn’t believe our lives have a God-given purpose. We separate the spiritual from the secular, Sunday from Monday. Our faith is to be private and personal, divorced from the rest of life. In the Bible, God is a king. In our culture, he is a hobby.

How can we help those we serve choose to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength (Mark 12:30)? Model it. If those I serve know I am unconditionally surrendered to Jesus as my king, and they see the “joy of the Lord” and the “fruit of the Spirit” in my life as a result, they are much more likely to want what I have.
So, let’s end where we began: “If you had to pick a 2020 goal in the time it took a traffic light to turn green, what would yours be?”

Helen Keller noted that “life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” Choose wisely.

-Rev Dr William Lewis