Emotions are God-given, right? We feel and we believe. Sounds silly when you say it that way. I mean, we all know it’s by faith we receive all that God has available for us, but our feelings have this uncandid way of affecting us. Before you know it, our faith is morphed with our feelings and we lose sight that our emotions are only there to gauge us, not guide us. Scripture tells us to walk by faith, not by sight. Emotions can change how we see the world around us. When we feel them outside of the power of what we believe in Jesus, they can stunt our walk with Him.

So back to the question: Are our emotions from God? Well, we are made in the image of God. In scripture, we read many times how God feels; (anger in Psalm 7:11, compassion in Judges 2:18, love in John 3:16). Jesus, His Son felt; He felt what we feel. Also with the Holy Spirit, God gave all of us the ability to feel in a supernatural way. The workmanship God created in us is more complex than any scientist could ever explain. We are, as His children, a reflection of His divine nature. I believe it’s safe to say that our emotions are from God.

When Jesus was walking with His disciples, He was counseling them. Lord knows He must have racked up many hours “talking them off the ledge,” as they processed what it really meant to follow Him. Remember James and John? In Mark’s account, they left everything to follow Jesus. This means not only their careers as fishermen, but their equipment, their boat, their Father. Yes, they became a different kind of fisherman, but it didn’t happen overnight. There were many emotional highs and lows they went through first.

As they journeyed and did ministry with the living Jesus, they began to learn to trust Him. This didn’t happen without setbacks. Remember the feeding of the fishes and loaves? No sooner had they fed the 5,000, they found themselves out of their minds with fear, flailing out on the sea. Their emotional state was getting the best of them, blinding them from trusting that Jesus was in control. Their faith was taking a backseat to what they could see around them.

Today, how blessed are we that we have the disciples’ stories to help shape our faith? We, like them, have those times in our lives when we are feeling lost at sea. Our emotions during these times, through our faith in the Father, can help us to experience Him in very tangible ways. When there is fear, we use our faith to say, “You are with me” and feel His comfort. When we experience the miraculous, we lift our voices in praise to the Father and are filled with joy! And when we’re wrecked with sorrow, we cry out to Abba and He wraps His loving arms around us!

Our emotions are real. They are the way we feel ourselves to the Father through His Healing Son. Our Creator, who created us in His image, demonstrates to us the greatest gift ever given, Jesus. It’s the emotional response to the Father’s love that guides us into a lifelong relationship with Him. Let’s all remember that the next time we feel our emotions getting the best of us, they are there to gauge us to The One who will guide us home.

Have a week filled with feeling the Father’s love through His Son, Jesus!

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts