It’s the new year, time for a new you, right!? I mean, 2017 was a long year, no sense in looking back. It’s full speed ahead into 2018! Many new year’s resolutions have been made from past year’s disappointments. Didn’t quite make “it” happen, whatever “it” happened to be. The thing with disappointment is it tends to be the very thing that follows us into our new year, almost unknowingly. We’ve resolved to be this new version of ourselves, without ever dealing with what it was that let us down. Then it becomes something bigger than it ever should be, and instead of resolving to be something new, we end up carrying around the very thing we’re trying to forget!

I don’t personally have anything against making a new year’s resolution, but before we can move forward, we must look back. As believers, it’s especially important to remember that it’s not the new year that defines you; you are already a new you in Jesus! Anything after that is just gravy! In order to truly understand how God has moved in our lives, though, we must look back over those times we’d rather hide. Why? Because those are the times that God can be the strongest influence in our lives. That is, if we let Him. We know that scripture tells us that God is our strength in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). We’re ok with this as long as our weakness isn’t something that leads to failure, which inevitably leads to disappointment. Small weakness is easy to turn over to our Father. But somehow with the big stuff, we lose sight of the Big God who has us!
Failure is a scary place to be without the assurance that Jesus took to the cross every misstep we’ll ever make. So, why then, as someone who believes in Him, do we forget that He took even that sin for us? He took every failure and disappointment that ever was, and conquered them all! We’ve been hoodwinked into thinking that God will only take so much sin from us. That when we fail, and fail big, that we are then defined by that failure. This ends up leaving us with an over whelming sense of disappointment in what we could not seem to accomplish. Here’s what’s crazy: God gets to show up and then show out in our greatest failures. He reminds us that we are loved in those dark, lonely times, when we can’t even like ourselves. That in our shattered condition, Jesus makes us whole. Whatever failure has popped up on our radar, He turns them into life experiences that help us to see how far we’ve grown.

Each year is an opportunity to reflect on just how great our God is! We are who we are by the ability to fail, and fail with the One who will never let us fall! That disappointment only becomes disappointment if we let it. We are not defined by our circumstances, but instead by the Circumstance Maker!

So before we charge on into this new year, let’s look back. See every moment: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Remember that our willingness to fail with the Father keeps us out of the hands of disappointment. It doesn’t mean it won’t happen, it could happen, but it doesn’t have to follow us into each new year and hold us captive to our past mistakes. Make sure that our greatest disappointment isn’t that we didn’t allow our God to be everything He Is for us.

Happy New Year! Let’s resolve that at our weakest times, He is all the strength we will ever need! Have a great week.

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts