How do you find peace when you’re in the storm? I’m pretty sure there are many people googling this in light of our recent weather! In the last month alone we’ve seen two storms swoop into our world and wreak havoc. There are towns that have been destroyed, islands that may never bounce back, families still without homes and power. It’s been anything but peaceful! So how can we can find the “calm before the storm” and keep it with us until the storm passes?

A storm by definition is, “a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.” We definitely went through all of that minus the snow! The thing about the storm we just experienced is we had such a long time to prepare for it. For a week, we were stocking up on necessities, like chocolate and wine, grabbing any available water, even if it was for sale at an astronomic price. There were the lines at the gas pumps, stations out of gasoline, boarding up houses, and securing anything that could be flying around once the storm hit. A week’s worth of bingeing the news, because every station was blasting the forecast of Irma’s arrival. It was anything but peaceful!

With the anticipation of what could happen once the storm hit, anxieties were high. Once the forecasters were able to narrow down the “day” it would hit, and all of the last-minute preparations were as good as they were going to be, there was an eerie sense of calm. This calm had nothing peaceful about it. It couldn’t be mistaken for peace because peace puts your mind at ease, knowing that the situation you are in is taken care of, out of your own hands, and into the Father’s hands. This calm reflected our sheer exhaustion from trying to get it all done by ourselves. When the storm was bearing down, it was powerful. At her worst, Irma was a category 5, destroying everything in her path. By the time she hit us, she was down to a category 1 and there was still a considerable amount of damage done. When people started emerging again on Monday, it was as if we were all walking around in a blur, surrounded by trees down, in some places lights out, and structural damage. The stress of what to do next lingered in the air. The slightest gust of wind sent chills down my spine.

Yet through it all, all the wind and rain, God remains the same. Irma didn’t make Him less than, or more than He is. He is the Great I Am! Some might ask, “Where is God during the storm!” I think our Associate Pastor Bill Vanderbush preached this in yesterday’s message. He’s right there, in the midst of it all, with us at peace. When the winds of life are raging, when the rains are blinding our sight, Jesus is there demonstrating how to bring peace beyond anything we can comprehend. He was resting in the boat when the disciples were with Him. Their first reaction was probably somewhat like ours, focused on the storm. God says, “Focus on the Savior.” His peace passes all understanding.

Finding peace in the storms of life requires our full surrender to the One Who Is and Was and Always Will Be. We then take on His posture in the situation we are in. It may be time to curl up for a nap with Jesus as we ride out the next storm. Have a week filled with peace that passes all of our understanding!

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts