Love has won! The tomb is empty. Christ is victorious! So why can it be so hard to live the risen way? Maybe, for some of us, like Peter, we get tripped up with our past regrets while we are running into the arms of our Savior. Our own insecurities about who we really are weigh us down, and before we know it, we’re standing still, unable to believe that the love won at the empty tomb was won for you and me. Not because we deserved it, not because we’ve earned it, because we were created to be in relationship with our heavenly Father, because His love for us surpasses all logical understanding. When He gave us free will and we chose sin, He began the journey to bring us all home to Him.

Believing that God sent Jesus for us gets harder and harder the more sin creeps in on us. Imagine Peter, sworn friend of Jesus,“nothing will separate the two of us” Peter. Imagine the conflict he went through in denying Christ. He believed in Jesus, but when pressed about his relationship with Him during the dark filled night, he lied. Everything was happening so fast around him. I’m sure he thought, “Why isn’t Jesus doing something about this? He can’t die!” The truth is, Jesus told Peter and the rest of the disciples how it would all go down, but they didn’t get it. It’s kind of like our own faith walk with Jesus at times; it doesn’t go the way we think it should and chaos sets in. And who is the author of chaos? Our sworn enemy, Satan. Peter, like us, fell into the liar’s lair. It’s there that our beliefs get shaken, when what we see around us is overpowering what we know is true and we lose our faith perspective. Before we know it, we can find ourselves in a place of denial, just like Peter.

This is part of the story…denial in who Jesus was and is, but it’s not the whole story! The enemy wants us to stay in the sin-stained lair with him. He wants us to believe that we got ourselves in there and we are not worthy to get out. Satan’s a “word shifter,” trying to get us to believe it’s about us. It’s not; the truth is we aren’t worthy, but God is! His worth is where His amazing love for us comes from. We don’t earn His Love; He freely gave His love in Jesus. We only need to respond to this unbelievable, free gift.

Today, like the day Peter heard the news that Jesus had overcome the grave and defeated death, we need to believe that Love has won, for us! We can respond by running towards the promise of love bought at such a cost and live alive in Christ, living the risen way! Remember that somewhere during that sprint to celebrate at the empty tomb, the enemy will try to stop us in our tracks. He will remind us how we’ve denied Jesus at some point in our lives and tell us we have no right to run to the Father’s love. Don’t let it stop you. Peter would have been consumed with guilt from his denial, but he saw the empty tomb! Everything Jesus had told him had come true!

So this week, let’s run, run with abandon. There’s an empty tomb to remind us that love has won! Christ is risen! It’s time for us to live the Risen way!

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts