It’s the 4th of July today. Independence Day: a day we set aside in our country to remember our freedom, and how our forefathers fought for something bigger than themselves. They stood for something they believed in so much they were willing to die for it. It’s not been an easy road, but through the blood, sweet, and tears, it’s what has brought us to today: living in the land of the free! The men and women that have taken up this cause for freedom give us the ability to say, “Let freedom ring.”

Today, there seems to be a blindness to the freedom we have. We live in a great land that allows us to be independent, say what we want, take a stand for what we believe in, and yet, we are still in captivity, held by a society that puts the focus on the self, that in turn makes life all about ourselves. This isn’t what freedom should look like. Don’t get me wrong; I am all about freedom and having free will to choose. Before we decide to stand for something, I think it’s important that we know what we’re standing for. Freedom has a name, and that name is Jesus!

The first battle that was fought for our freedom was in the garden. Before the fall, there was perfect harmony. Adam and Eve had nothing oppressing them; they were free to be with God, personally, and daily. They had free will and were content with their relationship with the Father, so they lived in this perfection with Him until Satan arrived. He began twisting what they thought they knew about themselves and their relationship with God. Eve, in a moment of isolation, became the perfect target for the enemy.

Satan called for independence from God; it’s what his whole revolt was about that got him kicked out of heaven. He knew he couldn’t tell Eve to break away from God, but he could deceive her in thinking that she wasn’t really connected with Him. Asking her, “Don’t you want to be like God?” Her first thought of self-doubt must have crept in. Instead of trusting what she knew, she started to believe Satan’s deceit. She lost sight of what she should have stood for and began to fall for the liar’s lies. The completion of captivity took place as soon as she and Adam ate the forbidden fruit. Instantly, they were in bondage to sin and shame. Satan, I’m sure, thought he had won. He must have been taking his victory lap and missed the greatest play for all of mankind: God the Father, setting into motion our freedom!

It was God who made the first blood sacrifice and covered our shame. He used the skin from that sacrifice to cover His beloved children. Yes, there was a penalty for man’s fall. God put together our victory through Jesus, His Son. His blood washed away all our sins and restored us back to Him! Freedom came and gave up His life on Calvary’s hill. He fought the battle none of us could fight and He won! Jesus came, not to separate us from the Father as Satan had planned. No, He made the atonement back to Him. We are free at last when we believe this freedom was won for us!

So, this 4th of July, let’s be grateful to all those who have fought for our country! Let’s remember that freedom rings because of Christ the King! He is the ultimate victor, and we are victorious in Him!

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts