John the Baptist knew that the one who would come after him would be The One who could transform lives through baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire! John was preparing the way so people would be ready for Jesus. He knew the Holy Spirit would be the way belief in Christ would stay alive, fanning the flames of our lives.

Fire shows up so many times in the Bible. God uses it to speak through, and to show His power. It kept the burnt offerings burning in the days of the Old Testament because it was divine, having been lit originally by God Himself. In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit appears as “tongues of fire,” resting on each believer as they are filled.

There’s something about fire that is intriguing. When you sit around a camp fire and the flames dance over the logs, it almost speaks to you. The heat is a reminder of the power it contains. It’s only fitting that the Holy Spirit would use fire as a way to put God’s presence on display.

When you’re in the presence of God, you feel warm all over. It’s reminiscent of that feeling around the camp fire. The Holy Spirit begins prompting our hearts with the loving words of our Father. As we bask in His presence, we feel comfort and protection. There’s no place that feels more like home than being in the presence of God the Father, knowing Jesus, His Son, and listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit about who we are and Whose we are.

Think of Holy Spirit fire refining our lives. He speaks truth to us, especially when times are tough. Fire purifies. There are times the Spirit reminds us of things, maybe even people, we need to let go of. When the flame of the Spirit of Jesus Christ resides inside us, it melts away the rough spots in our lives. Keeping the flames fanned is how we stay set ablaze for God the Father.

If you feel like your faith walk has hit a wall, burn it down with Holy Spirit fire from within. The Spirit is with all of us; we just have to activate it in our lives. There’s something so amazing about being on fire with the Holy Spirit. Think of it as our furnace, our ability to keep moving ahead in pursuit of the Father because of the Holy fire burning within!

Enjoy a week filled with Holy Spirit fire!

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts