It’s a heart thing…

We just celebrated a day all about heart, Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to let that special someone know how much we love them by giving them some kind of heart. From cards to candy, every store is plastered with options for us to choose from. I think the retail industry has managed to turn just about anything into a heart for us to purchase and then give away. There is so much pressure to “give our heart” to someone, I think we’ve lost sight of Who it is we should truly give it to.

The Bible talks a lot about the heart, so much so that I thought it was important to bring it up here. So before we sign another card or purchase another box of chocolate, let’s see what God has to say about “the heart.” In Jeremiah 17:9, we hear that “the heart is deceitful and exceedingly corrupt; who can know it? What, my heart is deceitful!” I guess that’s why it also says in Proverbs 3:5-6 to “trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” It’s pretty simple. God is Who we should entrust our hearts to. He alone knows what is best for us.

Think about it this way. We are told by the world to give our hearts away. We even have a special day set aside just for doing that! We get so caught up in the excitement of it all we forget that the human heart was part of the greatest fall! It all went down in the first garden. We can look at what happened and see that their hearts, Adam and Eve’s that is, deceived them. Had they truly turned their hearts over to God they would have known Whose they were and not even entertained the liar, Satan. If they had only been able to read Psalm 73:26 telling them that their heart and flesh would fail, but that God is the strength and portion forever.

God knew and knows, it always comes down to matters of the heart. He gave them to us, He put the desires in them, and the only way we can truly connect to our heart is through Him. Our hearts need protection and guidance. We don’t naturally think and act like God. His ways aren’t our ways; they are better. Left to our own thoughts, our hearts are selfish and self-protective. It’s human nature. When we trust God with our heart, He helps us to understand that even if we don’t see His ways, we know He wants what is good for us. He loves us! Just as we are! Turning over our hearts to Him is trusting that He will do what’s best for us.

So maybe it’s time for some open heart surgery. Imagine that The Word is the scalpel under the loving hand of Jesus. Allow Him to pour into our hearts. Instead of so quickly giving them away to so much in this world that will leave us feeling empty, let’s fill them up with Jesus and all the promises our Father has given us in His word. Giving our hearts to Him is health insurance here on earth. He will protect us, and guide us into the places and relationships where we should be sharing ourselves. We will be spiritually heart healthy and prepared to receive and share the love like God loves.

It is a heart thing, so don’t just give it to anyone; it was made for The King!

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts