God has a plan; He’s always had a plan. He has plans for us to prosper and help us become who He created us to be. God knows every detail of our lives. He’s counted each individual strand of hair on our heads before they’ve even started to grow! He is intimately acquainted with us and at the same time overseer of all things! There is not one detail about who we are He hasn’t gone over first. He’s already walked out the footsteps He wants us to walk in. So, what’s the disconnect? Why is there confusion about our life’s purpose? Why does it seem that so many of us are still trying to find ourselves? From the first breath of air we breathe into our lungs as an infant, we begin the journey to remember who we are, and that there is a God that loves us. Along the way, as life begins to unravel, we hear that Voice. It can start as a faint far away sound, that can resonate into a face to face encounter, that says come home, there’s work to be done.

It starts with us believing that the God of the universe is really connected with us and loves us. It’s knowing that even on our darkest days He’s called us to be His light. We don’t have to wait until we’re, “good enough.” He wants to use us just as we are and prove that in our weakest times, He is our greatest strength! So many times, we forget that it’s not about us. It’s about He who is with, in us – the One who made plans for us. Instead of trusting that there actually is a plan in place for us, we spend hours, and even days, months and years, trying to make plans for ourselves, as if whatever we could come up with would be better than the one who created us. Before we know it, we’ve traveled down a road that has led to nowhere. Here’s what’s so amazing about our God. Even when we don’t take the road He has already laid out and traveled for us, He will reroute us!

It may be bumpy at times, maybe even scary, but He who has mapped out our journey for us wants to see it come to fruition. How great is our God that He has already gone before us, and then wherever we are, however far we’ve strayed, He will come back and walk the journey with us! Have a great week.

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts