We are fearfully and wonderfully made! The Psalmist, David, knew this as he penned Psalm 139 verse 14: “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

So, let me ask: Is this how you start your day? Do you take a look in the mirror before heading out the door and give yourself this shout out? “Hey self, you’re fearfully and wonderfully made.” Chances are, the thought of how we are made isn’t what grabs our minds in the morning as we are racing to get out the door. It’s more like, “if I make it through this day, it will be a miracle!” We’re creatures of habit, and unless this is part of our morning routine, we’re not thinking about how we were made; we’re just planning on surviving the day!

The original Hebrew word for fearfully means “with great reverence, heart-felt interest and with respect.” The definition of reverence is “a deep respect for someone or something mingled with love.” Understanding that we are fearfully made is acknowledging that our Creator is emotionally tied to us, His creations. God didn’t create us out of dust to then set us aside like a trophy on a shelf. He was purposeful in His creating. He put His heart into the creation of us, His children! He was and is and forever will be invested in us!

Wonderfully, in its original Hebrew meaning, is “to be set apart and unique.” Let’s just let that set in for a minute. God the creator of all things, when it came to us, He and His Son must have stopped and said, “Now let’s makes something really unique. Let us create man, male and female, in our likeness and in our image.” In my sanctified imagination, I can hear the Holy Spirit saying, “Oh that’s good” and God the Father answering, “Yes, it’s very good!” God set us apart from everything else He created to be a part of Him. How wonderful is the Father’s love for us!

So the question we face is: Do we believe that we were created this way? Does our relationship, our time, our worship, with God the Father through Jesus the Son reflect our belief in who we are? Before we run out the door and into our day, wouldn’t it be worth it to say, “I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made. My God, He is worthy of all of my praise today! I will acknowledge who I am so that others will know Who He is.”

Take the time to reflect on who you are. When we look in the mirror, we should see God’s glory shining back, through our belief in Jesus.

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts