Are you a good communicator?

Communicating: it’s a skill – we have it naturally or it’s something we’re working on. Either way, we have to do it…communicate, that is. The truth is everything we do involves communicating. We do it in our personal lives, at our work, when we go shopping, on line, and yes, even when we are driving our car. Every day, all day, and yet, it seems with all this communicating going on, no one is listening. The funny thing about it is we all think we’re good at it. We’ve taken the stance of, “This is how I communicate. Now you need to understand me!” The problem is, most of the time, the way I communicate isn’t how you communicate and we have a misunderstanding. There needs to be a meeting of the heart, where we can first identify what it is we are trying to communicate to someone and then be straight-forward about it in a grace-filled way.

It’s similar with our relationship with God. We offer up prayers all the time that are vague and then wonder why He doesn’t answer them. Instead of directly praying for healing from a specific problem, we generalize the ask and say “Lord heal me.” Here’s the difference. God, unlike the people around us, knows our heart’s every desire. He’s the One who put us together; He wants to know that we know our hearts desire. Praying without intention keeps us off course from where God wants us to be. His word tells us that faith is being sure of what we hope for, and the evidence of things not seen. We need to communicate clearly what it is we believe He will do for us, even though we have no guarantee it will be. Think about how our faith can increase with our ability to communicate clearly, from our hearts, to our God.

It involves risk. By communicating from our hearts, we could get hurt. If we aren’t willing to put ourselves out there, though, we will never grow. The truth, for me, is the reward far surpasses the risks. When we are able to clearly lay out our heart’s desires to our Father, we begin to fine tune how we hear Him answer us. It may not always be the answer we were hoping for, but it is always good. Even when it hurts, with Him, it’s still good. We are learning to communicate the toughest areas in our lives with the greatest communicator and openly share our heart. Before long, we have fine-tuned our line of communicating with Him and are ready to really begin communicating with the world around us. Let’s redefine what communicating looks like in our lives. We know He is for us. Imagine if we prayed like we believed that!

Find a way to communicate clearly from your heart this week with our Father, try it on someone you know, and then sit back and watch the communication flow.

Have a great week. Put yourself out there so God can give you an answer.

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts