Is what you are doing hurting or helping the Body? Specifically, the Body we’re called to be as believers of Christ. Our actions, our words, and even our thoughts can cause a chain reaction that either bring us together or keep us apart. As believers, we are called to be together, united to bring God’s kingdom here on earth. The world sees things differently; it operates in an “Every man for himself!” way of being. In contrast to the world, God’s plan for our being is “If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; and if one part is honored, every part rejoices!” We’re in this life together, for better or for worse, with Jesus residing at the center of us all.

In 1 Corinthians chapter 12, we read that we are the Body of Christ and that we are all a part of it! The body is made up of many parts all coming together to fully function! We can’t operate apart from each other well. We were created to function as One, as Christ and the Father are one. So why do we try to run the whole show when all God asked us to be was the big toe? Don’t get me wrong, the big toe is important! It has a huge job to do attached to the body. It provides extra leverage to the foot when the body gets walking and running. Without it, the body has a limp; it’s not able to take off the way it was created to.

It’s the same with us as believers. Let’s say someone in the ministry is off. For example, if one of our band members or singers is several beats behind the rest of the team, it’s going to affect us! We will not be able to function the way God intended us to as a worship team. If the problem isn’t addressed, it will then affect those that have come for worship. You get the drift. The world would say, “Fire them if they can’t cut it!” God says, “Walk alongside them until they find their part!”

Our body should have balance. Each of us does our part to bring balance. There isn’t one of us greater than another. Think about it this way. Eyes bring vision, and react to light and pressure; but on their own, they are just a strange roundish blobs. Their function is important, but they can’t see without all the intricate nerves and blood vessels that are hidden from sight. Each part, working together is what moves the body forward.

When was the last time you walked up to a brother or sister in Christ and thanked them for their part in moving the body of Christ forward? Probably not every day, right? I think, if we are being honest, it’s easier to criticize. It’s hard to identify ourselves with others. They might not do things the way we would. So instead of seeing us united in the work at hand, we feel separated and take on the, “I’ve got to do it myself” attitude. When we do that, we are removing ourselves from the Body, or worse, not seeing those we’re complaining about as part of the Body. If we are being good followers of Christ, though, we know that the word tells us we are one. We are baptized by one Spirit to form one Body so that together, Jews and Gentiles, slaves or free, we use the many gifts and talents given by the Father for the purpose of moving the church of Jesus Christ forward!

Join the Body! Your gifts and talents are for the greater good of us all! On our own, life can seem impossible, but together through the power of the Holy Spirit and with the authority of Jesus Christ, we can do all things! Enjoy your week.

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts