There are those moments when getting lost in a fairy tale story can wake you up to the realities in life. Yesterday, my mom and I were able to steal away for a few hours together to celebrate my upcoming birthday. We decided to go see the movie, Beauty and the Beast . Both of us love the story and are musical theater fanatics! So we slipped away and embarked on our fairy tale afternoon at Disney Springs. Little did we realize how much one little movie could leave such a big impact on us.

Right from the first scene, we were drawn into the beauty of the story. We saw it in 3D, giving us an experience that surrounded our senses. The costumes, the scenery… it was truly spectacular! The music, although so familiar, felt refreshingly new. The characters felt like personal friends. From Belle, strolling in the sleepy village, to dishes flying in the air, singing “Be our Guest,” we were a part of it all. I could feel my heart swell and tears flow (yes, I’m a big crier at movies). It was a story, that is a tale as old as time, where love conquers a multitude of obstacles. It was all so beautiful, yet surprisingly quite sad.

This movie gives you a, “what came before” perspective on our beloved characters. No longer one dimensional, they sprang to life with past realities that shaped them into who there were now. We were looking past the façade of what you see into what caused them to be who they had become. Even Gaston, yes, narcissistic, self-absorbed, Gaston, had a past with war that molded him into the arrogant self-promoter we see on the screen. Belle had a hole in her heart because she didn’t not know the story of her mom. The Beast, as a child, suffered a great loss. Who they seemed to be was shaped by the unspoken back story that had brought them to their current way of being.

My mom and I, as the outsiders looking in, were overcome with all sorts of emotions. Now, knowing things we had not known before, it gave us new eyes to see what had always been there, but was hidden from plain sight. This fairy tale pulled back the curtain and we were given insight into the characters the story was about. Through my 3D glasses and tears, I strained to see more. Was I missing anything else that I hadn’t seen before?

It’s funny how God will use something, like a movie about an enchanted castle and an unlikely love story, to talk about realities in our own life. First, do we see the beauty of God’s creation in the everyday we experience? Are we seeing past first impressions with people in our path? Do we assume that the beastly behavior of someone defines who they are? Life imitates art, or is it the other way around? God, who is the One who created all things, both life and the things in it, gives us these fairy tale moments to see in real D reality.

We left feeling like we had experienced something spectacular! It caused us to have conversation about who we are and how we see the world around us. I hope this week, wherever we are, we can see the beauty of all that is around us, and when the beast within us rears its ugly head, remember we aren’t defined by past experiences. We have been redeemed by the Savior and written into the greatest story ever told.

Enjoy a week filled with enchantment with the Holy Spirit. Choose to see the beauty around us, and have a blessed week!

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts