“Jesus, we love you, oh how we love you. You are the one our, our hearts adore.” These words are from the song Jesus, We Love You by Bethel Music. We will be bringing this song into worship this week and I can’t wait! “Grounded Worship,” our youth band, has been singing it for the past two weeks during their worship time on Monday night. I have found myself completely surrendered in worship on these nights, hands raised, heart open, ready for an encounter with my Father. There is something so simple, almost childlike, about singing Jesus we love You with a melody that allows the cry of the heart to be heard. God, put it on my heart to share this song with you.

Written in 6/8 time, the song draws you in right from the start in a lullaby sway, melodically speaking it is so pleasing to the ear. Before the first word is sung, the Holy Spirit is already moving in and setting the atmosphere! The first few lines we sing say, “Old things have passed away, Your love has stayed the same, Your constant grace remains the cornerstone.” God is our constant in an ever-changing world! His love, sent to us in His Son, Jesus, has and will always be what we can count on! He breathes new life into our dead lives, and His Son shines on even the darkest night – that’s the gist of the next few lines of the first verse. By the time we head into the pre-chorus, we are emotionally in tune with Jesus.

The chorus is where the spirit can truly soar. Wherever you are right now, say these words, “Jesus we love You, oh how we love You, You are the one our, our hearts adore.” Now say it again and allow yourself to feel what loving Him is like. It’s overwhelming! God’s response to us was His Son, Jesus. His love for Him, gave Jesus the power to give Himself up for us! God’s love also gives us the power to give ourselves up to Him. We get to live in this love, from death on a cross to life everlasting. Those without hope have all been found in this love in Jesus. We keep singing words that free us from the lie that we’re not good enough. In our weakest place, He makes us strong instead!

It’s unbelievable how much You’ve done for us! Jesus we love You, these words swell up inside and send us spinning in our heads. How can it be that You could truly love us? Oh, but You do, and the best we can do is respond to Your love from our hearts, with a simple, “Jesus, we love You, too!”

Find time to sing to your Heavenly Father this song from your heart. Let it be your anthem song.

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts