In today’s society, when you look at someone too long, it gets awkward. We’ve forgotten how to see each other. Our electronic devices have become our new eyes. Who we see isn’t always who they really are. Relationships have become “snapped” stories we put out for all the world, and our connections become the “likes” we’re hoping to achieve. But when it’s all said and done, do we really see each other?

When did who we are become not good enough? We were made and created in the image of God. Every detail, down to the last imperfect finish, was planned out by Him. Somewhere along the way our sight changed. Our shame and guilt about what we’ve done wrong has shifted our focus. God knew in the beginning, when Adam and Eve took the fall, He would have to give humanity another way back to Him, to see through all of that pain and suffering. Adam and Eve, after that fatal bite, saw themselves without the filter of God. They were instantly ashamed of their nakedness, and self-loathing began to set in. They hid from God, they couldn’t bare the weight of looking at Him because their vision had changed. So our loving Father set into motion the One who would recover our sight, if we choose to have eyes to see Him.

For most of us, as believers, we know this. Jesus was sent for the sin that separated us from God the Father. When we receive Him into our hearts, into our lives, we are born again. No longer a slave to the bondage of sin. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we begin to live resurrected lives. But are we really seeing Him?

I think it’s easy to look at someone and not really see them. Think about us: We look at our social media outlets, all the time, without really seeing the person behind the post. “Look” is an action word. One definition says to “give” someone a look. Here’s what’s so great about this meaning: God the Father is always looking at us because He has something to give,…Jesus! When we allow ourselves to see Him, we receive Him. This is all good and a part of the plan, but I believe that it’s in our ability to look, I mean really gaze, into the eyes of the One who has saved us. That’s when we become truly free!

It’s when we can hold that gaze past the point of awkwardness we begin to see Who Jesus is. We see into a spiritual realm that changes our eyesight forever; the kind of sight God wants us to have so we are able to see ourselves and others the way He does. Looking into the eyes of Jesus reminds us that He sees us, just as we are, and He loves us.

Take some time today, or this week, and find a place to be alone in a time of prayer. Close your eyes and begin to see Jesus. Picture His face, then look in His eyes and allow His gaze to penetrate your heart, your mind. He has nothing but love for us!

Have a week filled with seeing who you are, through our Savior’s eyes.

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts