One of the greatest ways to worship God is to build your life into a lifestyle of thankfulness. This is no easy task; it requires looking at the world around us through a different pair of eyes. Being thankful in painful circumstances isn’t something that happens over night, but with practice, your mindset shifts. We see that through every storm, our Father is there with us. Having a loving Father with us as we go through heart wrenching situations is an opportunity to be thankful that He is there with us. His never failing, unrelenting love carries us through those wilderness seasons of life.

David knew about the struggle of life. At times he lamented in agony, but never lost sight of the strength found in God during tough times. In Psalm 63, David is in the desert of Judah. He is in a time of physical wilderness. The desert was unforgiving. Walking too far without food or water could be death. He was in a dry and thirsty land and what did he do? Cried out for God from his soul, the very depth of his being, because he longed to be with God. David wanted to bring the times of worship in the presence of God Almighty, in the Tabernacle, into the wilderness with him. He wanted to see the power and glory of his God.

David had an attitude of thankfulness towards God. He remembered all that he experienced with Him and wanted nothing less for himself. His soul longed for God. His longing came out of a grateful heart. David knew what God had to offer him was better than life, he saw himself out of the desert around him and into the presence of his Savior. From the opening verse we see right away David declaring that God is his God. By choice, by covenant, and by confession. His inner being, his soul, would except nothing less than reconnecting with God intimately. His flesh was surrendered, the physical need for nourishment, was satisfied in the praise of his God. The goodness of God filled David as if he had eaten his fill at the table set for a king.

It’s important that we see who God is to us as well. First and foremost, it’s our choice to choose Him as our God. With so many other situations pressing in to be God over our lives, it’s by our choosing God that we begin to align with Him. Being in alignment with Him brings the covenant promises He made with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to life in us. Covenant promises in us begin to resurrect us. It is no longer yourself who lives, it’s the Jesus living through us, that is brought to life. This new life in Christ swells within us. Love that we can’t fathom heals old wounds. It’s in the overflow from His perfect love for us we are able to confess all He’s done.

In the wilderness David still confessed God as his God. Though dry and desolate was all around him, he was satisfied. What’s hard for us to imagine sometimes, is that in our times of wilderness life, God is still with us. Sometimes the pain from that time blinds our souls from believing that He is still there. Our ability to walk through these times is connected with believing that the covenant promise is alive within us! Circumstances around us can’t define us, if we choose an attitude of thankfulness for what has been done for us. This doesn’t mean that because we believe our desert days are over, we will go through trials and tribulations because of our faith. It just means that we allow ourselves to be so connected to our Father, that no matter how parched it may be around us, we see the oasis inside us, God’s Son, Jesus.

Jesus doesn’t leave us when life gets hard, He is there to remind us that at our weakest times He is our fountain of strength. That everything we are going through during our wilderness times, the loneliness, isolation, hurt, sorrow and pain, cannot put us out of tune with God’s heart. It only has the power to do so if we give it that power. It’s a longing deep within our souls that brings us the clarity to live what we believe. Our thirst for Him will only be quenched by us drawing from the well within us, in Christ. He is the source of hope, found in us living out resurrected lives. We can’t be held in bondage to the world because, “He who is within me is greater than he who is in the world.”

Our soul knows, it longs for the One and only true God. There is nothing, and no one in the world that can quench what we so deeply desire. So with a grateful heart, reminiscent of all that has been done for us in God, giving us His Son Jesus, connect to Him. Abide in Him. Remind yourself that there is no wilderness of life that can keep you from Him, because Jesus is in you bringing the dry parched things to life. Every believer, every true follower of Christ, who has a real thirst for Him from the very essence of their being, will be refreshed, even during those wilderness times. Like David in the desert, the love and relationship we experience with Jesus Christ, is better than life!

Let our souls be filled with the presence of the King living within us. There is no place you have wandered that God isn’t there with you. Have a great week, there is an oasis within you that wants to spring you to life.

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts