Have you had any Prophetic Worship lately? Sounds a bit intense, possibly a bit too “Christianese”? I’d like to suggest it’s the key to bringing us into an even more intimate place with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! What makes prophetic worship, prophetic? It’s the ability of the worshipper to put on display the things of God’s heart. His thoughts, His intentions, and purposes. To do this we need the Holy Spirit to bring us into an understanding of what is on our Father’s heart. When our hearts are in line with God’s heart, our desire becomes seeing what He is doing and what He will say.

Worship is a way to step into our relationship with God, and grow! It’s not meant to be a once a week practice on our to-do list. It’s a daily choice to stop what we are doing and be engaged with what the Father is doing. We need to ask Him what His will is then respond from our hearts and say, “Thy will be done, here as it is in heaven.” Kingdom minded thinking is the doorway to prophetic worship. When a surrendered heart takes on the cause of it’s Creator, heaven comes down to earth, and lives are never the same again. Healings, miracles, all from within our God’s heart poured out to us, and for us, because of our willingness to surrender our own will to His. It’s in the surrender where the adoration of God begins to swell, and the revelation of all that has been given to us through Jesus comes to life. As we adore, our worship flows up, our hearts align with God and His worship flows down to us releasing something in our lives. This two-way worship is where the power of Jesus Christ flows to us and through us. You can expect the unexpected to happen! Divine intervention occurs!

Coming into corporate worship with the expectation to meet God in this way takes private practice. It’s the quiet times, waiting on God in humble adoration, that lead to corporate times of atmosphere changing, prophetic worship! The more time we get to know God personally, without any distractions, our relationship grows. Trust is built, love is deepened, it’s how a healthy relationship develops. We have to be intentional about it. God won’t force us, He loves us, He waits patiently on us.

It takes time, I don’t know about you, but my mind is filled with so much of my agenda, that I have to intentionally think about clearing my mind and focusing on my Father’s heart before I can engage in this kind of worship of Him. Letting go of what we want and being ready to receive what the Father wants only happens when we are truly ready to lay down our will. Jesus is our role model. We know that, yet still find ourselves wrestling with life and doing it our way. Jesus, Who Himself was and IS divine, didn’t do anything outside of the Father’s will. In John chapter 5 verse 19, we see Jesus speaking to the Jewish leaders at the time. His message to them was powerful and could have given them freedom if they could only believe Him. They became so caught up on the fact that Jesus called God His Father, they couldn’t hear anything else He had to say. Perhaps we too, at times, become unwilling to hear past the first word that might offend us, and miss out on the bigger message. Man’s true purpose, where Heaven meets earth, as we live in Christ, is to do the will of God. The problem for us is that statement feels to controlling. So we choose “Our will be done” and live a life on earth void of heavenly experiences.

Here’s the thing. It’s all a choice. What we believe and how we worship, but when we choose God, and His will on earth for us as it is in heaven, then the life He created for us to live is activated. Prophetic worship unleashes the power of the Divine residing in us. We are called to be more than conquers in Christ! It’s the surrendered self, activated in the power of Jesus that brings the dead to life!

So step into a two-way worship experience with God today! He inhabits our praise, and when we are surrendered to His heart, and open to what He is doing and saying, lives are truly saved in a miraculous way!

Have a week filled with prophetic worship!

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts