Worship Moment of the Week – Overflow

We’ve just come through the Christmas season and I feel like this is the year for truly unwrapping all God has given us in His Son, Jesus. Love came down, set aside His crown, and made Himself like one of us. There is no greater way to say to all of us, “I love you, I will live out the life that was impossible for you, die the death that was meant for you.” This alone is enough to say yes to Him for everything that He has done, but there is more! Now, in Jesus dying in our place, He conquered the sin cycle that had us bound to death. Then He rose with all power in His mighty hand to eternal life, seated in His rightful place on His throne, crowned our King! But there is still more! He fought the fight for us and then gave the claim of victory to all who believe that He is the righteous Son of God. He gave us access to the Kingdom of God through the shed blood of the Son. We are seated with Him as a royal priesthood, crowned in His glory!

This is better than good news, it’s the greatest news ever given! There is not one of us that God didn’t have in mind when He set this plan in motion. Think of that. He thought of you, He was thinking of me too. The greatest gift we have ever been given: God’s love, wrapped in flesh and sent to us just because He loves us. I think we haven’t yet scratched the surface of understanding the power available to us through His Love! Saying yes, and believing in all that Jesus has done for us means we accept the love God wants to give us. We have an invitation to participate in His divine presence daily! Come on! The greatest power to ever to be is available and works in us when we believe! Let that sink in for a moment. We are invited to be in an intimate relationship with the most powerful being in the universe!

God is inviting us to linger in His love, not be so quick to minimize it. Our stating our unworthiness keeps us from experiencing all that God has for us. When we fix our eyes upon our Savior, our hearts begin to surrender and make room for Him and His amazing love. It’s not about our unworthiness. It’s about His worthiness! He has given us His worth; the work He did on the cross gives us royal access to Him!

It’s the time with God’s Love, Jesus, that His presence turns into power in our lives. The Holy Spirit begins to come alive because we have spent time with the Father and begin to learn the promptings of His Spirit. The Holy Spirit activated in us opens our lives to the journey set out for us; one marked by supernatural anointing for us to discover.

It’s a process, one that requires time invested with the Father, fully connected to the Son and led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Take time there, in the Presence of the Creator of all things, and receive His love for you. And when you’re ready, surrender. It’s then that a life with a complete access-pass to a transformed life begins. No longer striving to get by, we walk each day equipped with authority given to us by Jesus. Tapped into the power source of His love, prayers for miraculous are heard. We begin seeing with a Kingdom mindset, looking to see where the Father calls us to share His Love with those that are in need. Joy replaces sorrow even in the midst of pain! It is life changing!

As we roll into this new year, 2019, let’s do it from the place of overflow from God’s love for us.  His love is the greatest power available to us!

I pray that this is the year that we experience God’s love the way He intended for us.

Have a blessed week!